Achievements Guide

List of all achievements including descriptions and rewards

Easy Achievements

Abyssal Magic: Teleport to the Abyss using the Mage of Zamorak (Runecrafting casket)
Apothecary I: Mix a ranarr potion (unf) (Herblore casket)
Archery I: Achieve a ranged level of 60 (500x Ruby bolts (e))
Blackjack'd: Win a game of Runedraw (Mystery box)
Block This I: Achieve a defence level of 60 (Dragon boots)
Chef's Special: Cook 250 foods (100x Shark)
Cluehunter I: Complete an easy clue (3x Casket (easy))
Cluehunter II: Complete a medium clue (3x Casket (medium))
Cow31337Killer: Kill 100 cows (100x Leather)
Democracy: Claim a reward from voting (5x Vote ticket)
Discord Verified: Connect your Discord to your account (::link) (1M Coins)
Divine Intervention: Use the Protect from Melee prayer (Prayer casket)
Do You Lift Bro? I: Achieve a strength level of 60 (Fighter torso)
Enhanced RNG: Imbue your Ring of Wealth (3x Superior Event key)
Event(ually): Open the Event chest once (Superior Event key)
Farmers I: Harvest a ranarr herb you planted (Farming casket)
First We Eat: Eat 100 of any food (100x Shark)
Gin N Juice: Drink 100 of any potion (100x Prayer potion(4))
Gnome'saying?: Complete 25 gnome course laps (Agility tome)
Green Fingers I: Water your plant using an infinite watering can (Farming casket)
I'm A Bad Man: Steal from 300 stalls (1K 'perfect' gold bar)
Ironman I: Craft a ring of recoil from scratch (1K Cosmic rune)
It All Ties Together: String 100 amulets (25x Uncut dragonstone)
Knowledgeable I: Answer 10 Trivia bot questions correctly (5x Mystery box)
Look At Me Now: Do a skillcape emote (XP Lamp)
Magician I: Achieve a magic level of 60 (Saradomin cape, Guthix cape, Zamorak cape)
Master of Arms I: Achieve an attack level of 60 (Dragon scimitar)
Mysterious junk: Open a Mystery box (5x Mystery box)
Outfit Of The Day: Equip any rank (besides player) from the rank selector (10x Crystal key)
Pack Yak: Add an item to your looting bag (50 Boss points)
Pker I: Kill 1 player (Mysterious emblem (tier 5))
Shooting Stars: Mine 50 pieces from a crashed star (Mining casket)
Shopping Spree: Spend 5M coins on shops (1M Coins)
Show Me The Money I: View a monsters drop table by examining them (Mystery box)
Show Me The Money II: View a chest/caskets drop table by examining the item (Mystery box)
Skilled I: Achieve a total level of 1000 or higher (XP Lamp)
Slayer Apprentice I: Complete an easy slayer task (50 Slayer points)
Slayer Apprentice II: Complete a medium slayer task (100 Slayer points)
Super Crispy!: Use the super heating spell 25 times (Smithing casket)
Supplied Skilling: Open any skilling casket (100K Skilling points)
Team Trees: Chop down 150 trees (Woodcutting casket)
Tidying Up: Change your appearance once (Crystal key)
Til Death Do Us Part: Die 1 time (10x Saradomin brew(4))
Too Bad To Fail: Fail 50 times thieving stalls or pickpocketing (Thieving casket)
Unfinished Business: Extend a hard slayer task (100K Blood money)

Medium Achievements

Alchemist: High alch 250 items (1K Nature rune)
Apothecary II: Clean a grimy torstol (3x Herblore casket)
Archery II: Achieve a ranged level of 99 (Double Damage pot(2))
Auctioneer: Sell an item on the Auction house (XP Lamp)
Barbaric Drill: Complete 50 barbarian course laps (Agility tome)
Beaver: Chop down 750 trees (3x Woodcutting casket)
Block This II: Achieve a defence level of 99 (PVP Mystery crate)
Cluehunter III: Complete a hard clue (3x Casket (hard))
Crush The Fayrg: Use your Bonecrusher to automatically crush a Fayrg bone (Prayer casket)
Do As I Say: Complete 10 slayer tasks (100K Blood money)
Do You Lift Bro? II: Achieve a strength level of 99 (Double Damage pot(2))
En Garde: Win 10 duels (Double Damage pot(2))
Exterminator: Win 30 Pest Control games (100 Void knight points)
Fiery Fun: Obtain 10 fire capes (5x Insta kill dart)
One For The Team I: Sacrifice over 100M in items to the Well of Goodwill (Donator chest)
Got The Crabs: Kill 100 Rock crabs (30x Crystal key)
Grand Exchange: Exchange 1,000 items to Piles (1K Platinum token)
Green Fingers II: Supply your bottomless bucket with infinite ultracompost (3x Farming casket)
I Get Around: Teleport to your task using the Slayer ring (100 Slayer points)
Incendiary: Burn 500 logs (Firemaking casket)
Ironman II: Fletch some ruby bolts (e) from scratch (1K Dragon bolts)
Knowledgeable II: Answer 25 Trivia bot questions correctly (5x Event key)
Level Up: Upgrade a piece of PVP gear to the next tier (3x Boss Supply crate)
Living on a Prayer: Bury or use 150 bones on an altar (Prayer casket)
Lucky Strike: Catch a lucky impling barehanded (100x Dragon impling jar)
Magician II: Achieve a magic level of 99 (Double Damage pot(2))
Master of Arms II: Achieve an attack level of 99 (Double Damage pot(2))
Mysterious Stranger: Sell your Mysterious Emblem(s) to the Emblem trader (Mysterious emblem (tier 5))
Off To The Races: Win a bet on any Terrorbird race (5M Coins)
On Another Level: Enchant 1.000 sets of bolts (1K Ruby dragon bolts (e))
On Your Way Out: Die 10 times (3x Boss Supply crate)
Pker II: Kill 10 players (Mysterious emblem (tier 7))
Prestiger: Prestige 5 times (Large XP lamp)
Questing: Earn your first quest point (10x Clue box)
Quick Getaway: Teleport from 20+ Wild using a Royal seed pod (1K Pvm points)
Shine Bright: Cut 250 gems (Bag full of gems)
Shoot Your Shot: Perform a hit using the Crystal bow (1K Pvm points)
Skilled II: Achieve a total level of 1500 or higher (3x XP Lamp)
Strength In Numbers: Activate any of your pet effects (Large XP lamp)
Rejuvenation: Cure your venom by drinking from the Rejuvenation pool (Boss Supply crate)
Skulled Revenge: Kill a Revenant in the wilderness while skulled (1K Revenant ether)
Slayer Apprentice III: Complete a hard slayer task (150 Slayer points)
Slayer Apprentice IV: Complete a wilderness slayer task (150 Slayer points)
Unboxer: Open 50 item sets (10x Clue box)
What's Krakin'?: Kill 25 Krakens (Slayer box)

Hard Achievements

Between A Rock..: Mine 1.000 rocks (3x Mining casket)
Big Spender: Spend 100M coins on shops (10M Coins)
Bloody Mess: Craft 1.500 blood runes (3x Runecrafting casket)
But Wy?: Kill 250 Skeletal wyverns (150x Wyvern bones)
Cluehunter IV: Complete an elite clue (3x Casket (elite))
Contracted Killer: Complete 100 slayer tasks (5x Slayer task scroll)
Creator Of Wrath: Teleport to the Wrath altar (3x Runecrafting casket)
Crystal Compensation: Open 100 Crystal chests (10x Event key)
Dagon'bye: Open 10 Larran's chests (10x Boss Supply crate)
Fiery Feast: Obtain 50 fire capes (15x Insta kill dart)
Family Business: Obtain a skilling pet (250K Skilling points)
Farmers II: Check the health on a Magic tree you planted (3x Farming casket)
Food Feast: Cook 1.000 foods (250x Manta ray)
Fratricide: Loot the Barrows chest while wearing a full barrows set (Double Damage pot(2))
God Won't Help You: Bury or use on altar 1.000 bones (3x Prayer casket)
Graceful: Wear a completed graceful outfit (Agility tome)
Ironman III: Fletch some amethyst arrows from scratch (1K Dragon arrow)
Knowledgeable III: Answer 50 Trivia bot questions correctly (5x Superior Event key)
Life Of The Party: Open 50 Event chests (Donator chest)
Living On The Edge: Complete 100 wilderness course laps (Agility tome)
Loyal Fan: Obtain 1 boss pet (250 Boss points)
Luck On My Side: Obtain 10 rare drops (1K Pvm points)
Mr Worldwide: Teleport to a clue location using the Master scroll book (305K Skilling points)
One For The Team II: Sacrifice over 300M in items to the Well of Goodwill (Extreme Donator chest)
Pker III: Kill 50 players (Mysterious emblem (tier 10))
Preservation: Use the Preserve prayer in your prayer book (Prayer casket)
Pyromaniac: Burn 1,250 logs (3x Firemaking casket)
Raiding Party: Complete 100 Raids (Tier 3 PVP token)
Release The Kraken: Kill 150 Krakens (10x Slayer task scroll)
(R)unite: Mine a rune rock while the infernal effect gets activated (250x Runite bar)
Skilled III: Achieve a total level of 2000 or higher (3x Large XP lamp)
Skilled Strength: Smith a godsword blade (3x Smithing casket)
Slayer Apprentice V: Complete a boss slayer task (10x Dark totem)
Smouldering: Create any infernal (pick)axe or harpoon (100K Skilling points)
Soul'd Out: Reanimate a soul 150 times (10x Dark totem)
Speedy Gonzales: Wear any of the 3 full samurai sets (10x Overload (4))
Suicidal: Die 50 times (PVP Mystery crate)
Superior Drops: Kill a Superior slayer monster (10x Slayer task scroll)
Sweet Revenge: Cast vengeance 250 times (5K Blood rune)
The Expert: Wear any trimmed skill cape (Large XP lamp)
The Ward(en): Assemble a Malediction or Odium ward (Mysterious emblem (tier 10))
These Damn Snakes: Kill 100 Zulrahs (100 Boss points)
True Effort: Visit the Prestige Guild (Large XP lamp)
Unbearable: Kill 100 Callisto (Mysterious emblem (tier 5))
Who's The King: Kill King Black dragon 50 times (250x Black dragonhide)

Elite Achievements

All-chemical Creature: Kill the Alchemical Hydra (100 Boss points)
Arch Nemesis: Kill the Archangel or Archdemon (100 Boss points)
Apothecary III: Mix an overload potion (5x Herblore casket)
Call Me Smitty: Smith a Dragon platebody (5x Smithing casket)
Cannoneer: Setup your own Dwarven cannon (500x Cannonball)
Champion: Win a 1v1 Tournament with at least 8 people (Donator chest)
Corporeal Protection: Attach any sigil to a blessed spirit shield (250K Blood money)
Corporeal Punishment: Kill Corporeal Beast using full bronze and a spear (5x Insta kill dart)
Damage Void: Wear any full void knight elite set (3x Double Damage pot(2))
Dangerous Gambler: Gamble an Infernal cape (5x Insta kill dart)
Dark Energy I: Kill Skotizo using a full set of slayer gear (10x Dark totem)
Dark Energy II: Kill Skotizo using a full set of purple slayer gear (25x Dark totem)
Darkness Compells You: Kill a Dark Beast using a Dark bow (50 Boss points)
Dripping In Blood: Spend 5M Blood money in the shop (5x Insta kill dart)
Ethereal Being: Obtain a piece of the Ethereal armour set as a drop (5K Revenant ether)
F To Pay Respects: Defeat Zulrah in under 45 seconds (1K Dragon arrow)
Fist Fight: Kill General Graardor using only your hands (250 Boss points)
Fiery Breath: Hit at least a 50 using Fire Surge (5K Pvm points)
Friends In Strange Places: Obtain a TzTok-Jad pet and have it follow you (10x Insta kill dart)
Hammertime: Obtain a Dragon Warhammer from a Lizardman shaman (5x Insta kill dart)
Hard Times: Complete a Hardcore Solo Raid (5x Insta kill dart)
Hoarder: Claim a reward from the collection log (Extreme Donator chest)
In God We Trust I: Use the Rigour prayer in your prayer book (250x Super restore(4))
In God We Trust II: Use the Augury prayer in your prayer book (250x Super restore(4))
Jack Of All Trades: Imbue all Dagannoth rings at the same time (250K Blood money)
Lazy Skiller: Gain 5.000 tokens in the Afk-zone (250K Skilling points)
Loyal Fanbase: Obtain 10 boss pets (10x Insta kill dart)
Mac's Cape: Purchase a cape and hood from Mac (10x Double XP tome)
Master Of One: Wear any Skilling Mastery cape (5x Large XP lamp)
Musician: Play the Air Guitar emote (Extreme Donator chest)
One For The Team III: Sacrifice over 1000M in items to the Well of Goodwill (Epic Donator chest)
Prince Of Darkness: Kill all Wilderness bosses once (excl Walking Chaos) (Pvm box)
Slayer Master: Complete 100 boss slayer tasks (50x Dark totem)
Storage Wars: Deposit some runes into your Rune pouch (5K Death rune, 5K Blood rune, 3K Wrath rune)
Suited For The Job: Wear a completed skilling outfit (500K Skilling points)
Terminator: Drink 50 Double damage potions(2) (5x Double Damage pot(2))
That's A Good Deal: Use 50 Double XP tomes (5x Double XP tome)
Thief Goes Rogue: Steal from the Rogues chest 1000 times (50x Larran's key)
To Your Liking: Customize your slayer helm (or any other gear piece) (250K Blood money)
Welcome to the Theatre: Complete a Theatre of Blood raid (Extreme Donator chest)