Donator Zone

In the Donator Zone you will get access to a special skilling and slayer area, where you will earn a 20% experience boost overall.
While skilling in any donator zone, you will also be awarded a different skilling pet than if you were to be skilling outside one, these are not only looking cooler than the original variant, but also provide a bigger experience boost (normal skilling pets provide 10%, donator zone skilling pets provide 20%).

At the moment the following donator pets are obtainable:

    • Goldfish (instead of a Heron) for Fishing
    • Jubbly chick (instead of Chompy chick) for Herblore
    • Pyrefiend (instead of a Phoenix) for Firemaking
    • Toy Penguin / Toy Soldier (instead of Toy Doll and Mouse) for Crafting
    • Monkey child (instead of Squirrel) for Agility (this is the only pet that can also be obtained outside a donator zone)

Further benefits to skiling inside the donator zone include:

    • Infinite Yew and Magic trees (they will never go down, making afk training slightly better)
    • Bonfire (for firemaking and cooking)
    • Fishing spots (Lobster, Monkfish, Shark and Dark crabs)
    • Mining rocks (coal, iron, mithril, adamant and rune rocks)
    • Smithing furnace and anvil
    • Prayer altar
    • Thieving coins stall
    • Dragon and Lucky implings
    • Blood runecrafting altar
    • Slayer area (Abyssal Demons, Cave krakens and Dark beasts)
    • Rejuvenation pool
    • Fountain of Rune portal (instant teleport to the Fountain of Rune for imbueing rings or recharging jewelry)
    • Boss portal to the Corrupt Sorceress