Ranged equipment


Welcome to my ranged equipment guide! In this guide I will tell about all the notable ranged gear and weapons you can get in game. I will not go in too deep in how to get certain items, most of them, especially the custom ones, are on our custom items guides which you can find on this wiki. I expect most readers of this guide have at least little knowledge of gear from (old-school)RuneScape and know that from the regular leathers, soft leather is the worst and black dragonhide is the best, and Karil's is even better. I will not include items like this in my guide, but I will sometimes note them as a benchmark, and try to include as many notable items as possible. I will go through various sets, stand-alone pieces and weapons. Too much information? Scroll to the bottom of each section to find a TL;DR.

I will separate sets and independent items in this guide. Note that for most sets, you don't require a full set to have the bonuses shown, unless stated otherwise! 




Karil's require lvl 70 ranged and defence to wear and offer moderate ranged stats. It consists of a Coif, body and skirt. It's a nice entry-level set with mediocre stats. It can be obtained through the barrows minigame, through mystery boxes, or bought from other players as they are tradeable. Combined with it's weapon, Karil's crossbow (which fires it's own ammo only, Bolt rack) every hit has a chance of performing a special attack, lowering the target's agility by 20%.



Armadyl requires lvl 70 ranged and defence to wear and offer decent ranged stats. It consists of a helmet, chest and skirt. It is a better set than Karil's as it offers higher defence stats, but also attack stats. Armadyl can be used in many situations and is one of the most popular ranged sets. The items can be obtained as drops from Kree'Arra and it's minions in the Godwars dungeon, or by trading them with another player.



Armadyl (I)
Imbued Armadyl requires 70 ranged and defence to wear and offer better stats than regular Armadyl. It is one of the most popular ranged sets in game as it offers good stats and is not the hardest set to get. Imbued Armadyl can be created by using Armadyl imbue scrolls on the regular Armadyl pieces. These scrolls also drop off Kree'Arra. The items and the scroll are tradeable.



Kyudo is a RuneRealm custom added set that requires 70 ranged to wear. It is considered one of the strongest ranged sets in the game. It does not offer very high offensive and defensive stats, but having a full set equipped increases your ranged speed by 1 tick. This effect makes it incredibly strong and used a lot in many situations where defence is less of a necessity. Since the Toxic blowpipe is already a very fast weapon, instead it's accurate stance is boosted to the same speed as rapid. It can be obtained by buying it off the blood money shop at home. It is also tradeable.



The void set requires 42 defence and ranged to wear. While the set itself only gives a mediocre defence bonus, the full set gives a good invisible ranged bonus. It is considered almost as strong as regular Armadyl, and it certain situations, where less to no defence is required, combined with a high ranged lvl, void is even superior to Armadyl. The void set can be obtained through the Pest Control minigame or bought from the Donator shop at home. Elite void robes are a bit better than regular void robes as they give a prayer bonus, but they are not required for the full potential of it's ranged attacks. They are not tradeable.



3rd age
3rd age ranged requires 45 defence and 65 ranged to equip. It stats sits between Karil's and regular Armadyl. While the set is not used a lot in PVM, it considered a big prestige to obtain. It is only obtainable as very rare drops from hard and elite clue scrolls, making it highly sought after items. The pieces are tradeable.




Morrigan's leather is a custom added RuneRealm set and can provide the best ranged offensive stats in game. Morrigan's consists of a coif, leatherbody and skirt. Morrigan's comes in 6 different tiers. Base tier requires 60 defence and ranged to wear, tier 1 70, going up each tier, up to T4 and T5, which both require 99 defence and ranged. Base Morrigan's pieces drop from Crystal monsters, which can be found in the Revenants cave in the wilderness, the Super Donator zone, and the Super sponsor zone. You can create higher tiers by upgrading the base tiers. 3 base tiers creates a tier 1 piece. 3 tier 1 pieces creates a 2 tier piece. You need 3 skirts to create a higher tier skirt, you can't mix pieces. A total of 243 base tier armour pieces are required to create a Tier 5 piece, making it one of the most tedious items to get. All pieces are tradeable.

Tier    requirement               defence                                           attack                                     strength
base  60 defence                 Worse than Red d'hide                    Worse than red d'hide
1       70 defence                 Worse than Red d'hide                    Equal to red d'hide               +1 max hit
2       80 defence                 Worse than black d'hide                  Better than black d'hide        +2 max hit
3       90 defence                 Equal to Armadyl (I)                        Equal to Armadyl (I)               +3 max hit
4       99 defence                 Better than tier 3                             Better than tier 3                    +4 max hit
5       99 defence                 Best in game                                   Best in game                          +5 max hit






Ranger hat
Ranger hat is a mediocre tier helm that requires 45 defence to wear. It offers stats a little worse than Karil's coif. It drops from Barrelchest and is not tradeable.



Archer helm
Archer helm is a mediocre tier helm that requires 45 defence to wear. It offers equal stats to Karil's coif. It can be obtained as a drop from Yaks or be bought from the ranged shop at home.



Blessed coifs
Blessed coifs require 70 ranged and 45 defence to wear. They are dragonhide coifs blessed by a certain god. They all have the same stats and requirements. It offers stats equal to Karil's coif. Blessed coifs are a little better because they offer no negative melee stats and plus 1 prayer bonus. Blessed coifs can be obtained through clue scrolls and the crystal key chest. They are tradeable.



Serpentine helm
Serpentine helm requires 75 defence to wear and is considered one of the best ranged helms. It's ranged attack bonus is not too special but offers very high defensive stats. You can charge it with Zulrah scales to make you immune to venom and poison, as well as offer a chance to venom your target, increasing your dps by a bit. It is considered the best options in most PVM situations. Serpentine helm can be made by using a chisel on a Serpentine visage, which is dropped from Zulrah. It is tradeable.



Robin hood hat
Robin hood hat requires 40 ranged to wear and is an okay hat to wear. It has no defence requirements which makes it a good option for pures, it also offers a higher ranged attack bonus than Karil's coif. It is obtainable through medium clue scrolls and it's also tradeable.





Ranger's tunic
Ranger's tunic requires 40 ranged to wear and is a mediocre chest to wear. It has no defence requirements which makes it a good option for pures. It offers a mediocre ranged attack bonus. It is obtainable through clue scrolls and it's also tradeable.





Ranger boots
Ranger boots require 40 ranged to wear and is the second to best ranged boots to wear. It has no defence requirements which makes it a good option for pures. It has decent ranged attack bonus, and is considered a rare, rather valuable item due to there being very little boots that offer ranged attack bonus. It can be obtained through clue scrolls and is also tradeable.



Pegasian boots
Pegasian boots require 75 defence and ranged to wear and are the best ranged boots to wear. They offer the best ranged attack bonus in the game. They can be obtained by using a Pegasian crystal on Ranger boots. The Pegasian crystal drops from Cerberus as a unique drop, but can also be bought from the Donator shop. Both boots and crystal are tradeable.





Ranger gloves
Ranger gloves require 40 ranged to equip and are the second to best ranged gloves to wear. They offer very high ranged attack bonus but no defence bonus. It has no defence requirement, making it an excellent choice for pures. It can be obtained through clue scrolls and is tradeable.



Barrows gloves
Barrows gloves require 45 defence to equip and offer the best ranged stats in the game. They also give one of the best melee and magic stats, making it one of the best overall gloves in the game. They can be bought from certain custom shops at home or received as a rare drop from the Culinaromancer, which can be killed after completing the custom Recipe for Disaster quest. It is not tradeable






Necklace of anguish
Necklace of anguish requires 75 hitpoints to equip and is arguably the best ranged necklace to wear. It offers the highest ranged attack bonus in the game. It can be made by crafting it from a cut Zenyte. It is also sold by the boss points store and it is tradeable as well. An ornament kit can be added to the necklace, enhancing its looks. This does not affect its stats.





Archer's ring (I)
Archer's ring (I)has no requirements to wear and offers the best ranged attack bonus in the game. Archer's ring is dropped by the Dagannoth supreme boss, and can be imbued to double it's ranged attack bonus at the Fountain of rune in the wilderness, requiring you to pay 100k blood money, and there will be global announcement that you are there, so be wary for pkers! Archer's ring and it's imbued variant is tradeable.