Inferno Guide

This is an in-depth guide on how to beat the hardest minigame, with the hardest boss to exist in game, The Inferno!

In-Depth Inferno Guide


Note: Double Damage potions & Banker Pet do NOT work in the Inferno.

Without a Doubt the HARDEST PVM challenge in runerealm is the Inferno. 

A suped-up grueling, long, and extremely difficult 30 wave instance it causes a lot of experienced players grief. 

I, ArchVillain, am here to shed some light on the Inferno and show you wave by wave, step by step, how to conquer the Inferno first try, rather than your 10th or 20th.

So... What is the Inferno even?

As mentioned, the Inferno is a 30 wave instance akin to the fight caves but much much more difficult. The first 28 are the regular fighting of progressively harder mobs until you reach a triple-Jad fight (Yes... you fight three jads at the same time) before finishing off with a final boss fight with Zuk...

And then you can land the sweet, sweet prize of the Best in Slot melee cape along with the sense of accomplishment that comes from beating the Inferno.



You need to sacrifice a firecape first and foremost before you can start your attempts

Because of the difficulty even in max gear the Inferno has the steepest requirements of any boss or minigame. That being said if you are newer or don’t have the requisite minimum stats or gear it is better to go get those before attempting the Inferno.

Stat Requirements

99 Range

99 Hitpoints

99 Defence

99 Prayer

(recommended) 92 Mage [for blood barrage]

(Ironman) 81 Herblore [For Saradomin brews + Restores]



Gear Requirements

This is what I would consider the minimum gear for the inferno:


Of course you can upgrade, however this is the bare minimum to effectively beat all 30 waves. You will see that you have a ranged blowpipe setup, which you will use for every mob (even zuk if you wish). 

NOTE: you may also bring along a magic staff/top switch (such as a toxic staff of the dead + ancestral top etc.) for blood barrages if you choose to bring the runes for that.





This Inventory is for a RANGE SETUP as a first and foremost note.

That being said it is fairly standard with sara brews + restores being your main source of food, and a SGS (saradomin godsword) for a spec. You also can bring a crossbow switch for ZUK if you choose (the merit being the ruby bolts (e) spec.) This is not necessary and you may opt instead to bring a couple more potions or even a Magic switch + runes for blood barrage for extra heals. 

Finally you will want divine ranging pots for when you reach triple jad and Zuk.

Great, let's dive into learning about the mobs of the inferno and the safespot.



Inferno Layout

In my opinion the hardest part of the inferno is getting to triple jads, and as such it is necessary to spend a fair bit of time going over the layout.


Once you enter the Inferno you will start to the south of 3 large pillars and a wide open floor.

You will experience hell here for 28 waves before you are teleported to fight triple jads then Zuk.

The west (left side) and southern pillars are useless to you. forget they exist. the only one you care about is the north east pillar (right side). This is going to be your safespot and lifeline for a lot of the inferno. 

In fact so much so that for some reason the nibblers (reference mob section). cannot destroy this pillar. 

Anyway, you will face much like the fight caves waves of mobs there that will spawn in set locations (reference waves section) that you must kill before the next wave can spawn. 





Referencing the above image you can see the safespot pillar. but what does that mean? nothing to you yet. Reference instead the below image:


Looking at this image you will notice my character standing directly in front (north) in the center. This is the OPTIMAL SPOT FOR SAFESPOTTING in the inferno. To get more indepth look at this:

Optimal Safespot (In Depth)