Money making guides

Here you will find a various list of money making guides. Have a suggestion for a new guide? Pm Daniel on discord!

Thieving stalls



Thieving is a good way to start making money. There are 5 different thieving stalls at home. They all give a unique item which can be sold to the merchant for money. The higher the requirement for the stall, the better gp/h*. A full inventory takes about 50 seconds if you are not misclicking.

Gp/hour can vary, depending on how much you fail thieving, mis-click or time you take between thieving and selling items. GP/hour on the stalls below are based on a minute per inventory.
Wearing a trimmed thieving cape gives you a 20% chance to loot noted items, increasing your GP/H a bit. 

Banana stall 


Thieving lvl requirement: 1
Price per full inventory: 27K gp
GP per hour: 1620K gp


General stall


Thieving lvl requirement: 25
Price per full inventory: 56K gp
GP per hour: 3360K gp


Crafting stall


Thieving lvl requirement: 50
Price per full inventory: 84K gp
GP per hour: 5040K gp


Magic stall


Thieving lvl requirement: 75
Price per full inventory: 112K gp
GP per hour: 6720K gp


Scimitar stall


Thieving lvl requirement: 90
Price per full inventory: 140K gp
GP per hour: 8400K GP


All of these stalls can also be found at the Elite sponsor zone. They give the same GP/H here, but about 40% more thieving XP.


These are pretty decent numbers, giving the fact a player can start thieving at any lvl, and don't require anything, even ironmen/women can immediately start doing this. A normal account can reach 90 thieving in less than an hour. Extreme accounts take a bit longer, but if double XP is on, or if you use double xp tomes, even on an extreme it goes prettu fast. Next up we have the 3 donator thieving stalls. Check out and scroll to the bottom of the page to see how and when to unlock these zones.


Gem stall


Location: Donator zone
Thieving lvl requirement: 90
Average GP per click: 5K gp
GP per hour: 11.25M gp


Mounted coins


Location: Sponsor zone
Thieving lvl requirement: 50-99
Average GP per click: 5620 GP and 96 BM (blood money)*
Average GP per hour: 12.645M and 216K BM*

*Stated rates are based on 99 thieving. Rates will be lower at a lower thieving lvl. Every 10 lvls, the average gp per steal will increase, so at 60, 70, 80, 90 and 99. Blood money will not be thieved until at least 90 thieving. This stall is the best one to thief at if you don't have the Elite sponsor zone unlocked. It will always give a bit more GP/H than it's level counterpart. 

Blood money is a popular custom currency. It can be spend in the blood money store at home, but it can also be traded to to other players. It drops from various medium to high lvl monsters, as well as from thieving Mounted coins. The general store buys Blood money for 70 GP each, but you'll be better off buying upgrades for yourself at the Blood money store, or sell those items, or just the Blood money to other players. Blood money sells for 150-275 GP each, depending on supply and demand.


Mounted coins


Location: Elite sponsor zone
Thieving lvl requirements: 50-99
Average GP per click: 5840 GP and 110 BM (blood money)*
Average income per hour: 13.140M gp and 247.5K BM*

*Stated rates are based on 99 thieving. Rates will be lower at a lower thieving lvl. Every 10 lvls, the average gp per steal will increase, so at 60, 70, 80, 90 and 99. Blood money will not be thieved until at least 90 thieving. This stall is the best one to thief at. It will always give a bit more GP/H than it's level counterpart. 

Impling hunting


Hunting implings can be a good way to make money, especially at a high hunter lvl and having the donator, or super sponsor area unlocked. You can start training hunter at home or at the Super sponsor area, refer to our hunter guide to find out how to start out


The best money makers for hunter are catching Dragon and Lucky implings. The donator zone and super sponsor zone have a designated area with only these two sort of implings. There is also a bank in the same area, which allows you to empty your inventory very quick. You can sell these impling jars for respectively 55k and 63k each. You can also open them for items. Dragon implings give very good skilling items, and even some pvm items such as darts and arrows, though the overall value of what it contains is usually lower. Lucky impling jars give random clue scroll rewards. The odds of getting a high value unique is very small, so small that it isn't worth to open them if you want to make money fast. When you're done hunting, you can sell your impling jars to the general store.



Donator zone 
dz hunter.png


Super sponsor training area
sspz hunter training.png


Super sponsor high lvl implings area
sspz hunter training.png



To get the best rates, i wouldn't advice catching either Dragon or Lucky implings. While Lucky implings sell for more money, you might slow down on having to actually look for Ninja implings and lose time.

You'll catch about 27 implings per minute. If your clicks are on point, you could even bank and withdraw empty impling jars in this minute. 
27 X 60 minutes = 1620 implings per hour
General store price Dragon impling jar: 55569 GP
General store price Lucky impling jar: 63644 GP
Average value per inventory: 1.609M GP
Average income per hour: 96.540M GP

Income may vary if you catch more or less of a certain impling. Above stated numbers are in an ideal situation. Actual income may be lower.



Rogue's chest


This guide is a small version of the ironman guide on Rogue's chest and Larran's chest written by Green. To read the full guides, please refer to:


Rogues chest is one of the best supply sources for ironmen to exist. Even for regular players, Rogue's chest offers a wide variety of skilling supplies, making it a rather 'easy' spot to make money. Still you have to always keep in mind: The bigger the gains, the higher the risk. Since the rogues chest is in the deep wilderness, it is even riskier for HCIM since that place could cause your death by a player kill.


The Rogues' chest requires a thieving lvl of 50, but it scales with your thieving lvl. Means --> the higher your thieving lvl is, the higher loot and the more thieving XP you'll get.


Mandatories and Recommendations/Setup


Besides other helpful items and setups, the amulet of avarice is the key item and therefore mandatory.
The amulet of avarice basically skulls you and what's more important: it notes the loot that you get from the Rogues' chest, so that you can grind it for longer and don't have to run and bank it all over again since you can get like 15 uncut gems unnoted and that will fill your inventory pretty fast.


Another important item is the ring of wealth (i), since this one will boost the amount of loot from the chest so you get way more loot than you would get without the ring of wealth (i).


Last you will need a looting bag. This item goes really well with the amulet of avarice. You leave it open in your inventory so that all the noted loot gets in your looting bag instead of your inventory. This is pretty helpful, since then you can setup some gear, barrage runes, food and prayer pots in case someone's willing to PK you.




Since you now have all your mandatories we can start with your gear and inventory setup:

Basically get yourself some high tier food, some prayer and magic pots and your barrage runes in your inventory and leave the looting bag open.
For the gear setup you can just use any type of magic equipment that boosts your magic accuracy.

image-1606047567843.png  image-1606047559074.png


Starting route/loot from 1 hour/escape route


Starting route:

Starting off at home, click on your spellbook --> Wilderness teleport --> Rogues' Castle (lvl 51)
This will directly teleport you in front of the castle. From there you walk around the castle until you see 3 chests.

image-1606048168067.png  image-1606048581751.jpg

Arrived, you have to stay between the 2 chests. I highly recommend to do the 1-tick technique. This way you will be looting way faster than you would just by spam clicking one chest. Just try it until you get the hang of it, its not that difficult.

Here's an example of what it looks like and how much faster it is:

regular technique:                                                                      1-tick technique: