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Here you will find guides to our raids, including both Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood!

Chambers of Xeric Guide


Chambers of Xeric In depth Guide 





For Many players the endgame is to acquire the best gear, complete collection logs, and conquer the entirety of PVM. In order to reach this goal however, you will at some point have to take on the challenge that is the Chambers of Xeric. Whether it be to acquire the fabled Twisted Bow or to make a profit, you will find plenty of challenge within. Let's get started learning how to deal with this terrifying dungeon!

Note: To see Drop tables and rates for Raids, reference the section below for specifics.


What is a Raid?

A Raid is a team-based minigame in which players can either join together, or go solo, to conquer multiple bosses before finally killing one massive boss to attain loot. 



Before we delve in any further I think it's best that I share some requirements that I believe to be essential before truly grinding out raids. You can obviously do them with less stats or worse gear; however, doing so would not be efficient and you would be before off getting those levels or the gear beforehand. Furthermore, I play a UIM and so this will be a guide centered on both regular players and Ironman Alike. I will not be focusing on how to attain the gear mentioned, nor the skills, look at other guides or ask help in game on how to reach those levels/get that gear.


Attack: 85

Strength: 85

Defence: 85

Prayer: 77

Magic: 90

Range: 90

(Ironman) Herblore: 38 (prayer pots) or 63 (super restores)

(Ironman) Cooking: 80 (for shark)


The following gear recommendations are included for you to look over and see what players typically use. As far as first getting into raids it is understood that you will not have a twisted bow or a scythe of Vitur (usually) and as such a Toxic Blowpipe is the BARE MINIMUM for Raids. You can use it for just about every boss to include Olm (reference specific boss guides below for specifics). Furthermore, for any fights that you may need to use melee for, and you dont have a scythe, bring your best melee setup that you have at the time.

Also NOTE: Serpentine helm, Magma Helm, or Tanzanite helm are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. These mitigate a lot of damage from various monsters venom attacks. If you do not have one bring an anti-venom potion or anti-venom+

Side note: While doing a solo run in the minimum setup is possible, it is highly recommended to get a better setup before you start doing raids if you're trying it solo without much experience.










Note: I am a UIM so my inventory includes a looting bag but everything else is pretty standard. 

You want to have:

a range/melee switch

Prayer potions/Super restores

Decent Food

Double Damage pot (not needed but recommended)

and runes for barrage spell (best you can use. I have runes for blood barrage in the picture) Use a Rune pouch if you have one

optional: antidote potion, mage gear (not worth space imo. you hit magic alot even in full tank gear.)

It is not required to bring barrage runes, you can also bring a Trident of the Seas or Iban's Staff to save inventory slots. 


Your First Raid

GREAT! You have your stats, your gear, and your inventory all set up. Next, you will want to know some basic info before you start your first raid. FirstlyWhen you raid you will fight 5 rooms of enemies/bosses before a final fight that will always be OLM. After you beat Olm you'll receive loot, then you are finished with that raid. You can do the Chambers of Xeric solo or with a team. When you are with a team, the monsters HP scale with the amount of people that we're inside the waiting room when the raid was started. For every player, hitpoints increase by 100% and their stats increase a bit as well. The monsters also have a chance to hit everyone in the raid instead of 1 player. There is no limit on how many players join a raid at the same time.

Side note: A 'hardcore' mode is currently being worked on, which will eventually be a lot harder variant of the Chambers, of course increasing your chance of better loot.


Solo raids have a higher INDIVIDUAL CHANCE of an item (meaning you get it yourself rather than someone else)

Team raids have a higher LIKELIHOOD OVERALL for there to be an item drop amongst you and your team members. Not that you will get the item, it may be your teammate of course.


With that in mind decide on whether you want to be in a team or solo, then you can start.

Getting There:


easy enough, head to your minigames tele in the RuneRealm tele tab, and use the teleport that says Chambers of Xeric which will take you straight to the entrance of Chambers of Xeric: