99 Farming Guide

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Why should I skill farming?

Farming is a really useful Skill, which helps you to get your Potions that you cant buy from “Food & Potion shop” at ::home, such as Super Combat Potions, Anti-venom or Overload. Further it is a cheaper method to get your Prayer Potions, Restore Potions, Saradomins Brews etc..



First of all you click on the “Book” Sign on your interface at the right side on your Launcher and then on “Skilling Teleports -> Farming”



This will Teleport you to the Farming Area:



You can get your Equipment from the Farming & Herb shop: You need 1x Watering Can, 1x Spade, 1x Seed Dibber, Plant cures, Compost and your seeds! (Starting off with Guam Seeds)

Special information for Ironmen:
Since the Farming store is capped so Ironmen cant buy seeds, they have to know the alternatives:
1. Master Farmer:
Pickpocketing the Master farmer will give you a bit of every seeds. You'll receive mostly low lvl seeds but also useful seeds such as ranarr seeds. You can also get the high lvl seeds such as snapdragon, lantadyme, and torstol but theyre pretty rare.

2. Dragon implings:
Besides alot of supplies for fletching such as dragon dart tips and arrow tips, dragon bones and dragonstone, they also drop
snapdragon seeds.

3. Cave Horrors/Kurasks/Aberrant Spectres/Nechryaels:
Slayers Monsters are also are a good alternative to farm seeds. They drop higher tier seeds such as lantadyme, cantadine and torstol pretty frequently depending on your droprate.


After that you are ready to go!


Editors note: This guide is based around farming herb patches, as at the time of creation of this guide, the only way to train farming was herblore farming. Late 2020, tree and fruit tree farming was added. While these take a lot longer to grow, they give a lot more XP, making them one of the best training methods in the game. 


Tree farming

Level Seed Growth time Experience
Plant compost Check-health Total
15 Acorn.png
  700 500 23.350 24.550
30 Willow seed.png
  1250 500 72.850 74.600
45 Maple seed.png


2250 500 170.150 172.900
60 Yew seed.png
  4050 500 353.500 358.050
75 Magic seed.png
  7300 500 688.400 696.200


Fruit tree farming

Level Seed Growth time Experience
Plant compost Check-health Total
27 Apple tree seed.png
  1110  500 60.000 61.610
33 Banana tree seed.png
  1400  500 87.550 89.450
39 Orange tree seed.png
  1800  500 123.500 125.800
42 Curry tree seed.png
  2000  500 145.350 147.850
51 Pineapple seed.png
  2850  500 230.300 233.650
57 Papaya tree seed.png
  3600  500 307.300 311.400
68 Palm tree seed.png
Palm tree
  5550  500 507.500 513.550



Farming runs!

This is my Farm run Setup:


I run this Setup: because I used to farm for Torstols and bank them.

BUT!: If you only need the XP you can fill your Inventory with Compost and plant cure so the Herbs just dropping to the ground.


So what you do is:

  1. Use the Compost on the Patch

  2. Use the Seed on the Patch

  3. Use the Watering can on the Patch (be careful that there is Water in it, otherwise the plant will not grow.)

  4. Repeat

Herb seeds Farming LVL Requirements:

Guam LVL 1
Marrentill LVL 10
Tarromin LVL 19
Harralander LVL 26
Ranarr LVL 32
Toadflax LVL 38
Irit LVL 44
Avantoe LVL 50
Kwuarm LVL 56
Snapdragon LVL 62
Cadantine LVL 67
Lantadyme LVL 73
Dwarf Weed LVL 79
Torstol LVL 85



Sometimes it happens that the Herb gets diseased during the growth period. If that happens you have to click on it, while you have a Plant cure in your inventory.



If you wait for too long, the Herb dies and you lose your xp..


Maximize your efficiency during farming (for example best XP and helpful tools)


Skilling pet/s:

Theres a fancy pet you can get while farming.

The Tangleroot isn't just a cosmetic, it also slightly boosts your farming xp.

Adding other Skills into your Farming runs:

Since Farming takes time, you can add other Skills into it, such as…

Firemaking: Add a Tinderbox to your Farming Setup and use the empty Spaces in your inventory for the logs.

Same with fletching but only change the tinderbox to a knife.



Skill points shop:

Skill points shop: If you have enough Skillpoints you can buy helpful item from the Skillpoints shop at the eastern side of ::home.