Starter Guide

Runerealm Starter Guide

Table of contents

- Introduction to the server                                 
- Making an account
- Game interface
- Custom features and teleportation
- A tour through Home
- Getting started

Editor's note

This guide mainly focuses on players who are new to playing Runescape Private servers and therefore there is a lot of basic explanation. If you wish to learn specifically about our custom features, please skip to the Custom features and teleportation part.

Introduction to the server

Welcome to Runerealm! You have set your first step into greatness! Runerealm is an Oldschool Runescape based custom private server. This means Runerealm is not owned or developed by Jagex. The owner and developer of the Runerealm server is Alex. My name is Daniel and in this guide i will take you on a tour through Runerealm to give you some basic information on how to play the game. Make sure to join our discord and read the server rules before you start playing at  or check out the other section on this guide.



Making an account

Make sure to read the rules before you start playing:

When you've chosen a username and password and login for the first time, you will see a screen where you can select 8 different game modes!

- A normal account gives 50 times the XP rates of OSRS.
- An extreme account gives 10 times the XP rates of OSRS and 20% increased drop rates, for example: If the King Black Dragon would drop a pet with a 1 in 1000 rate, the drop rate on an extreme account would be 1 in 800.
- An ironman account can not interact with only players in any form of gameplay except talking, like trading, kill bosses together or use the auction system. You can choose between a normal ironman or extreme ironman, stated rules above will apply.
- A hardcore ironman account has the same rules as ironman, except you only have one life. If you die an unsafe death, your account will be revoked to a regular ironman. Same as ironman, you can choose between normal or extreme mode.
- An ultimate ironman has the same rules as a regular ironman except you can not use the bank, so storing your items is limited to the available bags. Last but not least, as an ultimate ironman you also have the choice between normal, or extreme mode.
You have to choose a game mode before you can proceed. When you've made your decision, click the game mode and select confirm. When you've done this, the mode is permanent. Welcome to Runerealm...


Game interface

When you've chosen a game mode you'll get a first glimpse of the world of Runerealm. A calm center filled with bank booths around you, some chests around you, a huge fountain in the back, a fight pit in front of you, before we go through all of this i will explain the game interface. If you've played Runescape, Oldschool Runescape or another RSPS before a lot of this will sound familiar to you and you can most likely skip this part till the custom features part. However, i highly advice all new Runerealm players to check out the settings to find out some of our (custom) game enhancements. You can walk around by clicking on the game screen or clicking on the minimap.