Hard Achievements

Between A Rock..: Mine 1.000 rocks (3x Mining casket)
Big Spender: Spend 100M coins on shops (10M Coins)
Bloody Mess: Craft 1.500 blood runes (3x Runecrafting casket)
But Wy?: Kill 250 Skeletal wyverns (150x Wyvern bones)
Cluehunter IV: Complete an elite clue (3x Casket (elite))
Contracted Killer: Complete 100 slayer tasks (5x Slayer task scroll)
Creator Of Wrath: Teleport to the Wrath altar (3x Runecrafting casket)
Crystal Compensation: Open 100 Crystal chests (10x Event key)
Dagon'bye: Open 10 Larran's chests (10x Boss Supply crate)
Fiery Feast: Obtain 50 fire capes (15x Insta kill dart)
Family Business: Obtain a skilling pet (250K Skilling points)
Farmers II: Check the health on a Magic tree you planted (3x Farming casket)
Food Feast: Cook 1.000 foods (250x Manta ray)
Fratricide: Loot the Barrows chest while wearing a full barrows set (Double Damage pot(2))
God Won't Help You: Bury or use on altar 1.000 bones (3x Prayer casket)
Graceful: Wear a completed graceful outfit (Agility tome)
Ironman III: Fletch some amethyst arrows from scratch (1K Dragon arrow)
Knowledgeable III: Answer 50 Trivia bot questions correctly (5x Superior Event key)
Life Of The Party: Open 50 Event chests (Donator chest)
Living On The Edge: Complete 100 wilderness course laps (Agility tome)
Loyal Fan: Obtain 1 boss pet (250 Boss points)
Luck On My Side: Obtain 10 rare drops (1K Pvm points)
Mr Worldwide: Teleport to a clue location using the Master scroll book (305K Skilling points)
One For The Team II: Sacrifice over 300M in items to the Well of Goodwill (Extreme Donator chest)
Pker III: Kill 50 players (Mysterious emblem (tier 10))
Preservation: Use the Preserve prayer in your prayer book (Prayer casket)
Pyromaniac: Burn 1,250 logs (3x Firemaking casket)
Raiding Party: Complete 100 Raids (Tier 3 PVP token)
Release The Kraken: Kill 150 Krakens (10x Slayer task scroll)
(R)unite: Mine a rune rock while the infernal effect gets activated (250x Runite bar)
Skilled III: Achieve a total level of 2000 or higher (3x Large XP lamp)
Skilled Strength: Smith a godsword blade (3x Smithing casket)
Slayer Apprentice V: Complete a boss slayer task (10x Dark totem)
Smouldering: Create any infernal (pick)axe or harpoon (100K Skilling points)
Soul'd Out: Reanimate a soul 150 times (10x Dark totem)
Speedy Gonzales: Wear any of the 3 full samurai sets (10x Overload (4))
Suicidal: Die 50 times (PVP Mystery crate)
Superior Drops: Kill a Superior slayer monster (10x Slayer task scroll)
Sweet Revenge: Cast vengeance 250 times (5K Blood rune)
The Expert: Wear any trimmed skill cape (Large XP lamp)
The Ward(en): Assemble a Malediction or Odium ward (Mysterious emblem (tier 10))
These Damn Snakes: Kill 100 Zulrahs (100 Boss points)
True Effort: Visit the Prestige Guild (Large XP lamp)
Unbearable: Kill 100 Callisto (Mysterious emblem (tier 5))
Who's The King: Kill King Black dragon 50 times (250x Black dragonhide)