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Donation Benefits

All the benefits being a donator brings along, organized by tier.

Laugh in front of the gem store in Ardougne market

Clues Elite



Donator Zones


    Donator zone   In the Donator Zone you will get access to a special skilling and slayer a...

Donator Benefits


Every purchase made will increase the total count on your account: Every time you spend $10, $25,...

Salute in the banana plantation

Clues Hard

Panic on the wilderness volcano bridge

Clues Hard

McGruber's House

Clues Elite

North of Seers' Village

Clues Elite

Between Lighthouse and Rellekka

Clues Elite

Spin in West Ardougne Church

Clues Elite

West of the Crafting Guild

Clues Elite



Dig inside one of the destroyed building

Clues Hard

Creepers in the Crevice quest guide

Quest guides

  Quest overview Name: Creepers in the CreviceDifficulty: MediumLevel requirements:- 95 slayer-...

Recipe for Disaster quest guide

Quest guides

  Quest overview   Name: Recipe for DisasterDifficulty: HardLevel requirements:- 80 cooking L...

Jump for joy at the Neitiznot rune rock

Clues Elite

Three buildings East of Observatory

Clues Elite

West of the Chemist's house

Clues Hard

By the ZMI Altar

Clues Hard

West of Mort'ton

Clues Hard

Salute in the center of the kitchen of the mess hall

Clues Hard





Quest guides

Inferno Guide

This is an in-depth guide on how to beat the hardest minigame, with the hardest boss to exist in ...

Boss guides


An indepth description of all the benefits the first Donator rank gives you.


Text-based clues can be searched by the first 4 words. Clue hunter outfit: Wearing the cl...

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Slayer Task Locations

In this section, you can find the locations of the monsters assigned as slayer task. It is a copy...

Price Suggestion List

Here you can find a price list suggestion list. We suggest you have a look at the auction to see ...

Raids Guides

Here you will find guides to our raids, including both Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood!

Skill Guides

Guides to Level 99 in all the skills. (All Rates Based Off Normal Mode Xp.)

Fight Caves Guide

A guide on all 15 waves of the Fight Caves minigame.

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Drop Rate Guide

This guide provides some background information about drop rates and the ways in game to boost th...

Starter Guide

This is an in-depth guide on the basics on what Runerealm is and what kind of gameplay we have to...

Pet guide

This guide will give you all of the information you need on Pets, which pets there are available,...

Cape of Accomplishment Perks

All cape of accomplishment perks

Custom Items guide

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Ironman Guide

Everything about and for Ironmans. Basics, and helpful tips that will help you with your Ironman ...

Equipment guide

Here you will find all of the notable weapons and pieces of equipment, and advice about what is c...

Money making guides

Here you will find a various list of money making guides. Have a suggestion for a new guide? Pm D...

Achievements Guide

List of all achievements including descriptions and rewards

Corrupt Banker Guide

Boss Guides

Introduction   The Corrupt Banker is a Level 126, 666 HP Boss that uses Melee attacks if you ge...