Guides for the easy-elite clues on RuneRealm. Text-based clues can be searched by the first 4 words. If you cannot find your clue, it might not be added. Please report it in ::discord under #suggestions.

You might also look at the OSRS WIKI ( or Fandom page. (

Clue scrolls stack and can be collected indefinitely on RuneRealm. There is a clue shop which sells most of the cosmetics you need for Double Agent clues. The Skill points shop sells a Master Scroll book, which will directly teleport you to the clue location. You can do this by going to your current clue location, then use the clue on the book. This will sacrifice the clue, and the location will be saved.

There are also certain custom shops that sell Clue Boxes, which will provide a random clue when opened. The chance of getting a specific clue from clue boxes are given by the following:

Easy - 40%, Medium - 33%, Hard - 22%, Elite - 5%