Perks Table

Below are all the cape perks listed per tier, these also work backwards (for example, a Trimmed cape also has the Untrimmed perk etc.)

All Max capes have every untrimmed ability.

Prestiger cape (Prestige 1, Level 99 in all skills) has every untrimmed and trimmed ability.

Prestige Master cape (Prestige 10 in all skills) has every single ability.

Skill Untrimmed Trimmed Mastery
Attack No Warriors Guild token cost 2.5% Melee accuracy boost (in PVM) 10% Melee accuracy boost (in PVM)
Strength 2.5% Melee XP boost 2.5% Melee damage boost (in PVM) 10% Melee damage boost (in PVM)
Defence Ring of life effect 2.5% Defence boost (in PVM) 10% Defence boost (in PVM)
Hitpoints 2x Hitpoints restore rate 3x Hitpoints restore rate All food can over heal like anglerfish
Ranged Ava's Accumulator effect Lower chance your ammo is lost 10% higher chance for Bolt specials
Magic Spellbook swap ability 10% chance no rune cost (cmb spells) 10% accuracy + 2% damage boost
Prayer +1 prayer restore for potions +2 prayer points restore for potions 50% slower prayer drain rate
Agility 20% extra Marks of Grace Auto picks up Marks of Grace Double Agility course tickets
Cooking Never burn any food All food heals 1 hp extra All food heals 2 hp extra
Crafting 10% chance to craft 2 at once Crafted jewelry is auto enchanted Tan noted hides
Farming 10% increased harvest 20% increased harvest Free Ultracompost and no tools req
Firemaking 5% chance to burn 2 at once 10% chance to burn 2 at once Able to burn bows and bows (u)
Fishing 10% chance to catch 2 at once 10% higher chance for infernal effect 25% chance to catch a noted fish
Fletching 10% chance to fletch 2 at once 10% chance fletched bows are strung 10% chance to cut 2x bolt tips per gem
Herblore 10% chance to make 2 at once Decantor makes unf pots for free 10% chance pot dose not consumed
Hunter Never break jars while opening Never fail catching implings 10% chance double impling jar loot
Mining 10% chance to mine 2 at once Rocks are infinite +10% infernal effect 25% chance to mine noted ores
Runecrafting 5% chance double runes / ess 10% chance for double runes / ess Unlimited elemental runes
Slayer 10% higher superior chance 10% chance Task pick out of 4 50% chance Task pick out of 4
Smithing 10% chance to smith 2 at once Double cannonballs per bar No more coal required for smelting
Thieving 20% more pickpocket success 20% chance to note thieving stall loot Double loot from pickpockets
Woodcutting 10% chance to chop 2 at once Trees are infinite +10% infernal effect 25% chance to chop a noted log