Custom Items guide

Custom items guide



Hello and welcome to the Custom items guide of RuneRealm. In this guide I will explain about what custom items we have, what they do and how you can obtain them. There are a few different type of custom items. There are full customs, items which are mostly designed solely for RuneRealm, semi-customs, items which are based on an Old school RuneScape item but look different and have a different function, and there's a few items which are close to exact the same as they are on Old school RuneScape, except they function a little different.

Writers note: In the time when a lot of new content is pushed into the game, it may occur that some new items are not yet described in this guide. Feel free to let staff know about this in-game or through discord so we can add them this to the guide.


Fatal Blade

Fatal Blade is a full custom one-handed longsword. It is one the most strongest 1 handed weapons in-game. It has a special attack where it launches 4 very fast small hits, followed up by a very high accurate hit. Fatal Blade can be made by combining 3 fatal shards. They are dropped by the ancient barbarian bosses, which are accessible after the Ancient Barbarians quest. Both Fatal Blade and the shards are tradeable.



Ethereal gear

The ethereal armor set consists of a helm, platebody and platelegs. The ethereal armor has one of the highest defensive stats in the game and it also has a special function. While having the full ethereal set equipped in the wilderness, it reduces the damage done to you from players by 10% and NPC’s by 40%. Ethereal armor is dropped by the Ethereal Revenant, a custom boss. Note that despite this boss is not in the wilderness, ethereal armor also reduces the damage done by the Ethereal Revenant against you. Ethereal pieces are tradeable.



Samurai, Kyudo and Ninja gear

Samurai, Kyudo and Ninja gear provide an attack speed boost to their respective type when wearing a full set. Samurai is for melee attack speed, Kyudo for ranged attack speed and Ninja for magic attack speed. Your attack speed is only increased when wearing the full set, the pieces on their own don't provide any attack speed. These sets contain of five items, a hat, body, legs, boots and gloves. You can not switch these items up. For example, if you wear a Samurai set with Ninja gloves, you won't get a speed boost. You can buy pieces of these sets for Blood Money at the Blood Money Shop at home for 350K each. All of the pieces are tradeable.



Ensouled/Enraged cape

Ensouled and Enraged cape are capes based on the Infernal cape. They provide the best offensive bonus in respectively magic and ranged. They are currently available as a unique reward from beating the Inferno minigame using only magic or ranged respectively, available after completing the normal Inferno once. You can upgrade them to Ensouled/Enraged max cape at the Infernal max cape rack in the Sponsor Zone or Prestige Guild.



Prestige master / prestiger cape

The prestige master cape and prestiger cape are custom made capes that can be acquired after prestiging your skills and level them back to 99. To get the prestiger cape you need to prestige all of your skills at least once, and level them back to 99. For the Prestige master cape, you need to prestige all of your skills 10 times and lvl them back to 99. The prestiger cape offers some good stats and has all of the perks from untrimmed and trimmed skill capes. The prestige master cape has even better stats and has all of the perks from the untrimmed, trimmed and mastery skill capes. You can find all of the perks in this guide here


Prestiger cape           Prestige master cape


PvP armor (Vesta, Statius, Morrigan's and Zuriel's)

While this PvP armor is available on OSRS they function quite different on RuneRealm. First of all they don't degrade. The weapons are the closest to their OSRS counterparts. The armour pieces however are quite different. Each armor set consists of the base set and 5 tiers. Every three pieces you get you can upgrade a higher tier. For example, three basic Vesta's platebodies are upgradeable to one Vesta Chainbody (T1), three Zuriel's Robetop (T3) are upgradeable to one Zuriel's Robetop (T4). The armour bonuses are tweaked as well. The basic variants require level 60 defence and is slightly weaker than their OSRS counterpart. Every tier upgrade has a higher level requirement to wear. Tier 5 armor pieces currently provide the best stats in game and are highly sought after. These armor pieces are dropped by Crystal Aviansies, Crystal Demons and Crystal Dragons. They can be found in the Revenant Caves in the wilderness or at the Super-Donator Zone. The pieces are also awarded by PvP crates, which can be bought through different point/currency stores on RuneRealm. You can also buy a PvP crates pack in the online store at Perhaps unnecessary to mention: The PvP weapons are not upgradeable. All of the PvP armor pieces and weapons are tradeable.
The following amount of pieces are required to upgrade.
Tier 1 (3X Basic/T0)
Tier 2 (3X T1, 9X Basic/T0)
Tier 3 (3X T2, 27X Basic/T0)
Tier 4 (3X T3, 81X Basic/T0)
Tier 5 (3X T4, 243X Basic/T0)

Needless to say, getting a full T5 set is arguably one of the longest grinds in-game.


Writer's note: In the top row you'll see our model wearing a Twisted Slayer Helmet. This is not a part of the PvP armor set.

Donator Auras

Whenever you buy things from the webshop you can get a (new) donator rank. It starts at Donator, and goes up to Sponsor. At every rank you are awarded a new aura, which has certain Perks. Every new Aura has the perks from the previous aura, plus something new. Make sure to check out all Donator Auras and other donator perks at



Lucky Ring

Lucky Ring is a ring that has a small chance to double the loot you get. You will get a notification when this happens. It can double any loot dropped by an NPC, even very rare items. Lucky Ring automatically adds coins to your money pouch. You can obtain a Lucky Ring by creating one with a Lucky Gem and a 'Perfect' gold bar (obtained from thieving stall at home). Lucky gems are dropped by superior slayer monsters. The Lucky Gem and Lucky Ring are not tradeable. The lucky ring can be Imbued to a Lucky Ring (i) with a Lucky Ring imbue scroll. This imbue will give it the same features the Ring of Wealth (i) has, such as a 2.5% DR reduction. You can obtain this scroll by completing the Corporeal Beast collection log.




Commander ring

The commander ring (i) is a custom ring and is considered to be the best ring in the game. It can be made by combining the following rings:

Archers ring (i)
Berserker ring (i)
Seers ring (i)
Warrior ring (i)
Ring of suffering (i)
Ring of the gods (i)
Treasonous ring (i)
Tyrannical ring (i)
Brimstone ring

The commander ring has all the stats combined from the rings stated above. You can turn a Commander ring into a Commander ring (i) by combining it with a Lucky ring (i). This will add the effects of a Lucky ring (i) to it. The regular Commander ring is tradeable but the Commander ring (i) is not. The commander ring (i) is fully kept upon death within the wilderness (however, a future update will ensure that the lucky ring imbue scroll and regular commander ring are dropped if not protected).



Ring of Wealth (i)

Ring of Wealth (i) is a ring that reduces your drop rates by 2.5%. It also picks up coins and Blood money for you. Ring of Wealth (i) is obtainable by using a Ring of Wealth Imbue scroll on a regular Ring of Wealth. You can buy a RoW imbue scroll through different custom shops at home, or get is as a rare drop from the event chest. The scroll and the imbued ring are tradeable.



Ferocious Heart/Twisted Heart

Ferocious heart and Twisted heart are items based on the imbued heart. Ferocious Heart can be obtained by killing Ferocious Basilisk, a custom monster based on OSRS's Monstrous Basilisk. Twisted Heart can be dropped by Superior slayer monsters. Ferocious Heart is the melee counterpart, while Twisted Heart is the ranged counterpart of Imbued Heart. They are all tradeable.



Ominous heart

The ominous heart is created by combining an Imbued heart, a Twisted heart and an Imbued heart together with a Black tourmaline core. It boosts all combat stats (except defence) to it's maximum. The black tourmaline core drops from the Theatre of Blood.




The Frozen and Volcanic Abyssal Whip are also obtainable in RuneRealm however, they provide a slight stat boost compared to the regular Abyssal Whip. There is also Tentacle Whip, which does not degrade, contrary to OSRS's form. We also have the Serpentine, Lucified and Divine Whip. These are obtainable by combining an Abyssal whip with it's respective Whip mix, they are even stronger than the Volcanic and Frozen whip and used to be the best one handed weapon in-game. These Whip Mix is currently only available as a rare drop from the Event Chest, or the Archangel/Archdemon boss. At last there is the Ominous Whip. The Ominous Whip is one of the strongest one-handed weapons in-game. It can be created by combing a Serpentine, Divine and Lucified Whip. 

image-1602414038181.png                                                image-1610393413254.png



Imbued Bandos

Imbued bandos set is a stronger variant of the Regular Bandos armor set. Bandos Imbued can be created by using a Bandos Imbue scroll on a Bandos armor piece. One imbue scroll is good for 1 item upgrade and is consumed in the process. The Bandos Imbue scroll is dropped by General Graardor. Prior to upgradeable PvP armor release, Bandos (I) was considered the best melee gear. Currently, Bandos (I) is about as strong as T3 vesta. Bandos Godsword is not upgradeable. The bandos Imbue scroll and the imbued Bandos armor pieces are all tradeable.





Imbued Armadyl

Imbued Armadyl set is a stronger variant of the Regular Armadyl armor set. Armadyl Imbued pieces can be created by using an Armadyl Imbue scroll on an Armadyl armor piece. One imbue scroll is good for 1 item upgrade and is consumed in the process. The Armadyl Imbue scroll is dropped by Kree'Arra. Prior to upgradeable PvP armor release, Armadyl (I) was considered the best melee gear. Currently, Armadyl (I) is about as strong as T3 Morrigan's. Armadyl Godsword is not upgradeable. The Armadyl Imbue scroll and the imbued Armadyl armor pieces are all tradeable.



Slayer armour

Slayer chestplate and chainskirt are two custom items that require no stats to wear and will buff your damage done when killing monsters on a slayer task. If you are wearing any slayer armour piece or a slayer helm you will receive a 15% melee damage and accuracy buff. If you wear 2 pieces you get a total of 20% damage and accuracy boost and if you wear 3 items you will get a 25% damage and accuracy boost. As said before, having only one piece equipped will always give you 15% damage and accuracy boost. You can imbue all slayer armour pieces with the slayer imbue scroll to make the buffs work for ranged and magic damage and accuracy, as well as increase the base ranged and magic attack stats. To be eligible to buy these pieces of armour, you need have unlocked at least 25 items in the collection log of the following bosses: Alchemical Hydra, Cerberus, Ferocious Basilisk, Kraken, Thermonuclear Smoke Devil, Skotizo, and all Superior slayer monsters. When you've done this, you can buy each piece for 750 points each in the slayer points shop.



Divine Spirit Shield

The divine spirit shield is a shield which can be created with a Blessed Spirit Shield and a Diving Sigil, both dropped by the Corporeal Beast. The Divine Spirit Shield reduces incoming damage and a small portion of your prayer points will be drained instead. The shield and Sigil are tradeable.



V's Shield

V's Shield is obtained by killing Ferocious Basilisk, a custom monster based on OSRS's Monstrous Basilisk. While it does not have the Mirror Shield effects like it has in OSRS, it does protect you against venom and it reduces the Ferocious Basilisk special attack damage. V's shield is tradeable.



Mirror shield

The mirror shield is not a custom shield but it will reduce damage done by the Ferocious basilisk by about 25%. It is a weaker version from V's shield that will not protect you against venom, but will certainly help you on the grind killing Ferocious basilisk. It can be bought in the Slayer points store.



Scythe of Vitur, Nightmare Staff and orbs, Inquisitor armor and blood shard

Contrary to OSRS, The nightmare staff, it's orbs and Inquisitor armor are a unique drop from the Theatre of Blood instead of the Nightmare of Ashihama, as this boss has not released yet on RuneRealm, nor has an estimated time of release. Blood shard, which is used to create the Amulet of blood fury also drops as a unique from Theatre of Blood, as the vampyre area around the Theatre of Blood is not open for players.

Side note: The Scythe of Vitur will always hit a target three times regardless of it's size, and does not hit multiple targets at the same time as on OSRS. This makes it arguably the strongest melee weapon in-game.

Imbued Ancestral robes

Ancestral robes (I) are Imbued ancestral robes. They can be made by imbuing regular ancestral robe pieces with the Ancestral imbue scroll. This is a custom drop from the Theatre of Blood. It is a stronger version of the Ancestral robes with higher accuracy and a small damage boost. Each piece requires one imbue scroll. You can also recolour your Imbued ancestral robes to Holy ancestral robes which have the same stats but a different colour. Holy ancestral kits are dropped from the custom Archangel and Archdemon boss. The robes, imbue scroll and ornament kit are all tradeable.



Double Damage pot

This item is obtainable through various points shop on RuneRealm. As the name says, it doubles the damage you do for 30 minutes, having 2 doses, every dose gives you 15 minutes of double damage. While this is active, your combat xp gained is also doubled. The Double damage potion does not work in the wilderness, duel arena and in the Inferno minigame. This item is tradeable.



Double XP tome

This item is also obtainable through various points shop on RuneRealm. It provides the user with 30 minutes of double XP. This item stacks with the Well of Goodwill (a well at home which accepts items, coins or pets for double xp for the whole server) as well as with the Double damage pot. This item is tradeable.


Blurberry special

This drink is buyable in the vote points shop. It will restore your special attack bar back to 100%. This item is tradeable.


Clue Box

The clue box is not used for storing clue scrolls as it is on OSRS, but awards you with a random difficulty clue scroll. You can buy this through various points shops. This item is tradeable.


Insta kill dart

The insta kill dart allows you to kill a monster with only one hit. It does not work in the wilderness or on other players. They are a random custom item obtained through donator chests which can be bought from our store. They are tradeable.


Slayer task scroll

The slayer task scroll allows you to use a choose a slayer task of any difficulty. It will be consumed on using. This is a random custom item obtained through donator chests which can be bought from our store. They are tradeable.


Corrupt banker scroll

The corrupt banker scroll is a teleport scroll that will bring you to the custom Corrupt banker boss. This scroll allows you to enter its lair without the requirement of being an extreme donator. You can kill the boss multiple times until you leave the area. The scroll will be consumed on using. This is a random custom item obtained through donator chests which can be bought from our store. They are tradeable.


1/5th Scythe of Vitur/Twisted bow token

The 1/5th Scythe of Vitur or Twisted bow token can be used to make the respective weapon. When you've obtained 5 of one sort you can put them together to make the weapon. You can not mix them. This is a random custom item obtained through donator chests which can be bought from our store. They are tradeable.


Ring of Vitur/Twisted ring

The ring of Vitur and Twisted ring are custom rings that allows you to morph into said item similar to how Ring of stone and 3rd age ring works. This is a random custom rare item obtained through the regular donator chests which can be bought from our store. They are tradeable.


image-1671916133938.png           image-1671916153393.png



Dwarven Cannon

This item does not vary much from OSRS, except you can let it store more cannonballs at certain donator ranks or through a custom locked ability (See the starters guide on this wiki for more information on abilities). The Dwarven Cannon, the pieces nor a full set, are not tradeable. It is available through certain points shops. The 4 pieces can be combined into a single item, the Assembled Dwarf Cannon, with 250k blood money.


Looting Bag

The looting bag does not vary much from OSRS, except for the fact it is usable outside of the wilderness. You are able to deposit into the bag anywhere, and withdraw items anywhere besides the wilderness and minigames (Inferno, Raids). It can be bought through certain points shops.


Skilling Caskets

There are certain skilling caskets available at the skill points shop at home. Each Skilling casket has a chance to give you items which are used in that skill, or has a chance to give you a skilling outfit piece. Each outfit contains of 4 to 6 pieces, depending on the skill. Each piece gives you a percentage boost when equipped while performing that skill, while getting a small extra boost when wearing a full set. There are caskets (and skilling outfits) available for farming, firemaking, fishing, herblore, mining, runecrafting, prayer, smithing, thieving, woodcutting. They are not tradeable.
Side note: At every agility course you will find Grace, who sells you graceful outfit pieces in exchange for Marks of Graceful, which can be obtained as a drop while performing at these agility courses.


Infernal Third Age Axe/Pickaxe

In contrary to OSRS, you can also upgrade your third age axe and pickaxe with a smouldering stone, making it infernal. An infernal Axe/Pickaxe will respectively burn logs or smelt ores into bars occasionally. Extra coal in your inventory is not required, nor a tinderbox for burning logs is. These two tools are the best axe and pickaxe in-game. These items are tradeable.


Bottomless compost bucket/Gricoller's can

These two items are obtainable in the skill points shop. The bottomless compost bucket provides you with an endless supply of compost, while Gricoller's can allows you to water your seeds indefinetly. These items are not tradeable.


If you feel like any item is missing on this list and should be added, feel free to let staff know in-game or through discord so we can add them to the guide!