Christmas Event Guide

RuneRealm Xmas Event Guide

During Christmas time each year, RuneRealm will hold a special event for users to win 

Free rewards, and even chances at holiday specific rare items! 


To begin the event: Speak to “Santa’s Elf”, who will be located at home when the event is ongoing.


Once you teleport, find and talk to “Santa’s Head Elf” to learn more about the mystery of Santa’s whereabouts.

Once you finish speaking with her, run NE until you get near a “hole” and a group of “Crates”. Click the crate closest to the hole to get an item. These can vary between players and all have a corresponding NPC you must find once getting each item. Players may not be given every item in the list, but located below will be each possible item along with its matching NPC and Location:

BLUE PARTYHAT—-Wise Old Man—-Southwest group of NPC’s at home:

Rune Platebody—-Oziach—- City teleports, Edgeville, run NW to the house next to the general store:

Anti-Dragon Shield—-Duke Horacio—-City teleports, Lumbridge, up the ladder and into the middle room and speak to him:

Gnome Amulet—-King Narnode Shareen—- Skill Teleports, Agility, Gnome Course, and run N until you get to the Grand Tree and speak to him:


White Sword—-- Sir Amik Varze—-City teleports, Falador, South to the White Knights castle, and up the stairs to the West three times and speak to him:

Slayer Gem—-Vannaka/Nieve—--Both found S/E of home, speak to either:


Abyssal Book—--Mage of Zamorak—- North of home near the Well of Goodwill, speak to him:


Werewolf Bone—-Kill a Werewolf—- City teleports, Canifis, kill one of the werewolves:


Druid Robes—-Search the laundry basket in Taverley—-City teleports,Taverley, run south towards the water;you will see a clothesline:

Blue Cape—-Champions Guild—- City teleports, Varrock, run south out of varrock and then south west to the champions guild and speak to the guildmaster





Blessed Symbol—-Edgeville monastery—- City teleports, Edgeville, run NW to the monastery and climb the ladder, speak to brother Jered:

When speaking to any of these NPC’s, there is a chance that they will tell you the location of a place where they had last seen Santa, where you must go and find a christmas tree. Below is another group of locations along with a picture of where the tree can be found.


Al-Kharid—-Training teleport, Al-Karid Warriors, run North next to the house behind the gem stall:

Ardougne—-City teleports, Ardougne, run south-west to the zoo between the money and penguin cages:


Brimhaven—-City teleports, Karamja, run west to Brimhaven beach near the fish barrels:


Digsite—-Enchant a ruby necklace to become a digsite pendant OR City teleports, Varrock, run North-East all the way through varrock to the digsite, and on top of the hill by the exam center:

Falador—-City teleports, Falador, run east to the garden and it’s next to the statue:

Lumbridge—-City teleports, Lumbridge, run north to the sheep pen next to the general store:

Port Sarim—-City teleports, Rimmington, run east to Port Sarim, behind the fishing shop:



Seers—-City teleports, Seers Village, run South-East just outside of the flax field:



Varrock—-City teleports, Varrock, run North-West to the west of Varrock Castle next to the fountains:

On the Last tree location, you will be teleported to an unknown location, run north and speak to drunk santa:

When you are unable to get him to leave with you, teleport home, speak to Santa’s Elf to teleport, and speak to Santa’s Head Elf again to get the hangover cure. Once you have that, gear up and grab a bit of food, and go back to the last tree location that sent you to Drunk Santa’s location. Run North to Santa again and use the hangover cure on him. A cutscene will follow and Anti-Santa will attempt to stop you and Santa from leaving. Defeat him for a Double Damage potion and speak to Santa again:

After defeating Anti-Santa and teleporting, speak to santa again for your reward:




Santa Claus will now visit you periodically and drop a Christmas present in your inventory. The Rare rewards from the christmas present are displayed below:


Best of Luck and Enjoy the event!!