Runerealm Pet Guide


Table of contents

- Introduction
- Skilling pets
- Boss/PVM pets
- Special pets
- Activating pet effects
- Pet Storage


Hello, welcome to my RuneRealm pet guide! My name is Daniel and in this guide I will explain which pets there are in game, how to obtain them, what special pet effects exist in the game and how to use them! So if you're ready to create an army of Pyrefiends, Brooms or even Vorki's, keep on reading! (Disclaimer: Unlike the picture on top it is not actually possible to create an actual army of pets or have multiple pets shown at the same time.)
In the Player Panel under the account management tab (next to log out tab), there is an option called Pet Storage, you can store your pets here as an alternative for your bank, or if you are an Ultimate Ironman and can't use bank at all.
In the first sections of the guide I will talk about all of the pets and how to obtain them. Some pets have special effects that can boost your character, I will discuss this in the last part of the guide.

Pro tip: You can choose to sacrifice your pets at the Well of Goodwill at Home to reward all players with a temporary double XP buff. All pets but Falcon provides 20 minutes of double XP, Falcon provides 10 minutes of double XP. This is a great way to get rid of your duplicate pets!


Skilling pets

In this section we will talk about all the skilling pets there are in game. Some skills have multiple pets, they can either be obtained anywhere, and special pets can be obtained from donator zones. All skilling pets provide a +20% xp bonus to the respective skill, once activated. Note that skilling pet effects, Pet Skiller, and Master Alex cannot be activated simultaneously as they share overlapping abilities (skill xp boost).


Giant Squirrel -> Perform the agility skill
Pet Monkey -> Perform agility as a Donator or higher

Cook -> Cook anything

Toy Mouse -> Perform the crafting skill
Toy Soldier -> Craft at a Donator Zone
Toy Doll -> Perform the crafting skill
Toy Penguin -> Craft at a Donator Zone
Clockwork Cat -> Temporarily unavailable

Tangleroot -> Harvest anything at a farming patch

Broom -> Perform the fletching skill

Phoenix -> Light a fire anywhere (You can right-click this pet and select metamorphosis to change its color)
Pyrefiend -> Light a fire at any Donator zone

Heron -> Fish anywhere
Goldfish -> Fish at any Donator Zone
Shark -> Fish sharks

Chompy Chick -> Make a potion anywhere
Jubbly Chick
-> Make a potion at any Donator Zone

Baby Chinchompa -> Perform the Hunter skill (You can right-click this pet and select metamorphosis to change its color)
Gold Baby Chinchompa -> When you receive a pet Red Chinchompa, you have a 10% chance to receive a pet Gold Chinchompa instead.
Falcon -> Buy it with Puro-Puro Points (obtained through performing hunter) at the Puro-Puro Shop at the Hunter skilling teleport.

Rock golem -> Perform the mining skill (Use any ore on the Rock Golem to change it to the designated color)

Pet Skeleton -> Bury bones (Bonecrusher does count)
Pet Spirit -> Sacrifice any sort of bones on an altar

Rift Guardian -> Craft any rune (You can right-click this pet and select metamorphosis to change its color)

Dwarf -> Smith anything

Rocky -> Perform the thieving skill

Beaver -> Woodcut anywhere
Tree Spirit -> Woodcut at any Donator Zone

Boss/PVM pets

Contrary to the first section, I will now put the npc/event first, and the pet that is obtained by this second.

Alchemical Hydra -> Ikkle Hydra (You can right click this pet to morph it into any of the 4 Alchemical Hydra colors)
Ancient Archer - Mini Ancient Archer
Ancient Samurai
- Mini Ancient Samurai
Ancient Warlock
- Mini Ancient Warlock
- Pet Archangel / Pet Archdemon
- Pet Barrelchest

Callisto -> Callisto Cub
Cerberus - > Hellpuppy
Chaos Eelemental -> Pet Chaos Elemental (Also dropped by Chaos Fanatic)
Commander Zilyana -> Pet Zilyana
Corporeal Beast -> Pet Dark Core (You can right-click this pet and metamorphose it to a Pet Corporeal Critter)
Corrupt Sorceress (Donator-only boss) Pet Sorceress (More information about this pet in the special pet section below!)
Corrupt Banker (Extreme Donator-only boss) Pet Banker (More information about this pet in the special pet section below!)

Dagannoth Supreme -> Pet Dagannoth Supreme
Dagannoth Rex -> Pet Dagannoth Rex
Dagannoth Prime -> Pet Dagannoth Prime
Dark Beast -> Pet Dark Beast
Demonic Gorilla -> Pet Gorilla

Ethereal Revenant -> Pet Ethereal
Fight Caves (Jad) -> Tzrek-Jad (You have a chance to get this pet dropped of Tztok-Jad, and you can gamble your Fire Cape at Tzhaar-Mej-Jal, the npc standing outside the fight caves for a chance at the pet.)
General Graardor -> Pet General Graardor
Giant Mole -> Baby Mole

Inferno (Zuk) -> Tzrek-Zuk/Jal-Nib-Rek (You have a chance to get this pet dropped from Tzkal-Zuk, and you can gamble your Infernal Cape at Tzhaar-Ket-Keh, the npc standing outside the Inferno for a chance at the pet.)
Kalphite Queen -> Kalphite Princess
King Black Dragon -> Prince Black Dragon
Kraken - Pet Kraken
Kree'arra - Pet Kree'arra
K'ril Tsutsaroth -> Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth

Rune Dragon -> Pet Rune Dragon
Scorpia -> Scorpia's Offspring
Skotizo -> Skotos
Thermonuclear Smoke Devil -> Pet Smoke Devil

Venenatis -> Venenatis Spiderling
Vet'ion -> Vet'ion Jr
Vorkath - > Vorki

Walking Chaos -> Pet Walkchaos (more information about this pet in the special effects section below!)
Zulrah -> Snakeling (You can right-click this pet and morph it into a different color, in any of the 3 colors of Zulrah.)


Superiour Slayer monsters

Flaming Pyrelord -> Pet Pyrelord
Cave Abomination -> Pet Cave Abomination
Vitreous Warped Jelly -> Pet Warped Jelly
Insatiable Mutated Bloodveld -> Pet Bloodveld
Nuclear Smoke Devil -> Pet Nuclear Devil
Nechryarch -> Pet Nechryarch
Repugnant Spectre -> Pet Repugnant Spectre
Greater Abyssal Demon - Pet Greater Abyssal Demon
Marble Gargoyle - Pet Marble Gargoyle
Night Beast - Pet Night Beast


Chambers of Xeric

Muttadile -> Puppadile
Tek'ton -> Tektiny
Vanguard -> Vanguard Pet
Vasa Nistirio -> Vasa Minirio
Vespula - Vespina
The Great Olm - Olmlet


Theatre of Blood

Maiden of Sugadinti -> Maiden of Sugatiny
Pestilent Bloat -> Lil' Bloaty
Nylocas Vasilias - Mini Vasilini
Sotetseg -> Sotetseg Jr. 
Xarpus -> Xarpup
Verzik Vitur - Lil' Zik 


Recipe for Disaster

These pets can be obtained after said quest but they have to be obtained in the order they are posted here. All these pets have a special effect, this will be explained in the special pets section!

Agrith-Na-Na -> Pet Agrith-Na-Na
Flambeed -> Pet Flambeed
Karamel -> Pet Karamel
Dessourt -> Pet Dessourt
Culinaromancer -> Pet Culinaromancer



Any clue scroll -> Pet Imp
Hard/Elite clue scroll -> Pet Bloodhound
Event chest -> Pet Penance queen
Barrows -> Pet Barrows brothers, a morphable Barrows brother pet which is a reward from completing the Barrows collection log
Shooting Stars -> Stargazer, you have a chance to receive the pet or a star fragment for recoloring Prospector (mining skilling set) on every xp drop
Tourny Point shop -> Ghostly Follower
Halloween event -> Hell-kitten, you can feed it raw fish for a chance to upgrade it to the later growth stages (Hell Cat and Overgrown, Wily, and Lazy variants)

Mini Alex -> Can be bought with RuneRealm credits of the Donator Guide at home
Skiller pet -> Can be bought from the Skill Points shop or the Donator Guide
Genie -> Can be bought from the Boss Points shop or the Donator Guide

Master Alex -> Can be obtained by combining Mini Alex, Skiller pet and Genie pet at the sacrifice of 300M Cash. Use one pet on another while having 300M cash in your inventory to create the Master Alex pet.

Special pet effects

Pet Effects in the player panel opens a menu where you can select a pet effect. Certain Pets on RuneRealm give some extra effects. You must have collected this pet and have it follow you at least once to enable the pet effect. After that, you can toggle the pet effect on and off. You can have out any pet and select a different effect. You can have one pet effect on. Extreme Donators can have 2 pet effects on at the same, Elite Sponsors even 3.
Note that all skilling pets give a 20% experience boost to the respective skill. You can not stack skilling pets with any other experience boosting pet.

Master Alex: combines the effects from Mini Alex, Skiller Pet and Genie Pet.
Mini Alex: Has a turmoil effect, every attack has a chance to give back 25% of the damage you've done back to your hitpoints.
Skiller pet: Gives you a 25% XP boost in all of your skills.
Genie: Reduces your drop rates by 2.5%.

Banker: gives you access to a mobile bank. You will need to have the actual banker pet to follow you to use this. Click on your banker pet to access your bank. You can have the banker pet follow you and have a different pet effect, this disables the bank option. The banking option does not work everywhere in the game, such as certain bosses, mini-games and the wilderness. You can get this pet as a drop from Corrupt Banker boss, A boss only accessible by Extreme Donators or higher, or by non-donors via the use of a Corrupt Banker Scroll to teleport into the boss room.

Sorceress: This pet will pick up items from a certain Rarity, you can toggle this in the interface player panel, below the pet effects menu. You can obtain the Sorceress Pet from the Corrupt Sorceress Boss, a custom boss available to Donators and higher.

Walkchaos: This pet gives you a 2.5% increased drop-rate in the wilderness and increases your magic damage everywhere by 15%! You can obtain this pet as a rare drop from the Walking Chaos boss.

Culinaromancer: Combines the pet effects from the pets obtained as a drop from the Recipe for Disaster bosses. You will need to unlock these pets in the following order after completing the Recipe for Disaster Boss. You can NOT skip a pet, or choose to do another one first.

Pet Agrith Na-Na: Increases your ranged accuracy by 10%
Pet Flambeed: Increases your defensive by 10%
Pet Karamel: Increases your magic accuracy by 10%
Pet Dessourt: Increases your melee accuracy by 10%


Activating pet effects

To activate pet effects, navigate to the Player Panel > Pet Effects


Pet effects are active as long as the player has a pet out that's following them. A player may activate any pet effect assuming they have the effect unlocked and there is an active pet following (e.g. A player that currently has a skiller pet out can choose to activate another pet effect instead).

To unlock a specific pet effect, the player must first obtain the pet and drop it. This will unlock that effect permanently regardless of whether the player still has the pet.

Regular players and donators can activate up to 1 pet effect at a time. Extreme donators and above can activate up to 2 different pet effects simultaneously. Elite sponsors can activate up to 3 pet effects simultaneously. Note that some combinations of pet effects like the <Master Alex and Mini Alex, Skiller, and Genie> or the <Master Alex/Skiller and other skilling pets> effects may not be activated simultaneously to avoid stacking overlapping effects.


Pet Storage

The pet storage is a storage area where players can store the pets they obtain. To access the pet storage, navigate to the Player Panel > Pet Storage. Multiple pets may be stored in each slot. If a player obtains a pet while their inventory is full and they have an active pet out, the obtained pet will automatically go to the pet storage area.