Prices Suggestion list

Prices change often, we recommend you look at the auction for the item(s) you're interested in to see the latest prices. --- We suggest that you use CTRL+F to find your items!
Twisted Bow. 3b-5b
Scythe of Vitur. 3b-5b
Sanguinesti Staff. 500m-700m
Gharazi Rapier. 300m
Avernic Defender hilt. 250m
Kodai Wand. 150m-200m
Justiciar Faceguard. 130m-175m
Justiciar Chestguard. 130m-175m
Justiciar Legguards. 130m-175m
Ancestral Hat. 100m-150m
Ancestral Robe Top. 150m-225m
Ancestral Robe Bottom. 150m-225m
Staff of Light. 50m-75m
Dragon Hunter Crossbow. 30m-75m
Twisted Buckler. 25m-50m
Dinh's Bulwark. 75m
Elder Maul. 50m-75m
Dragon Claws. 100m-200m
Dragon Harpoon. 50m
Torn Prayer Scroll. 75m
Arcane Prayer Scroll. 200m-250m
Dexterous Prayer Scroll. 200m-250m
4:35 PM
Corporeal Beast:
Divine Spirit Shield. 700m-900m
Divine Sigil. 700m
Elysian Spirit Shield. 1b-2b
Elysian Sigil. 1b
Arcane Spirit Shield. 400m-700m
Arcane Sigil. 400m
Spectral Spirit Shield. 100m-200m
Spectral Sigil. 100m
Holy Elixir. 50m-75m
Blessed Spirit Shield. 75m
Spirit Shield. 15m
4:35 PM
Lizardman Shaman:
Dragon Warhammer. 500m-700m
4:36 PM
Donator boxes:
Sled. 200m-300m
Katana. 80m
Toxic Staff of the Dead. 80m
Serpentine Whip Mix. 100m
4:36 PM
Santa's & H'ween & party's
Bronze santa hat. 25m
Iron santa hat. 40m
Steel santa hat. 50m
Mithril santa hat. 75m
Adamant santa hat. 100m
Rune santa hat. 125m
Dragon santa hat. 150m
Barrows santa hat. 175m
Pink santa hat. 250m
Lime santa hat. 250m
Lava santa hat. 250m
Inverted santa hat. 500m
Santa hat. 750m-1b
Bronze h'ween mask. 25m
Iron h'ween mask. 40m
Steel h'ween mask. 50m
Mithril h'ween mask. 75m
Adamant h'ween mask. 100m
Rune h'ween mask. 125m
Dragon h'ween mask. 150m
Barrows h'ween mask. 175m
Red h'ween mask. 250m
Green h'ween mask. 250m
Blue h'ween mask. 250m
Black h'ween mask. 500m
Bronze partyhat. 25m
Iron partyhat. 40m
Steel partyhat. 50m
Mithril partyhat. 75m
Adamant partyhat. 100m
Rune partyhat. 125m
Dragon partyhat. 150m
Barrows partyhat. 175m
Red partyhat. 250m
Yellow partyhat. 250m
Blue partyhat. 250m
Green partyhat. 250m
Purple partyhat. 250m
White partyhat. 250m
Partyhat & specs. 500m
Black partyhat. 300m-400m
Rainbow partyhat. 300m-400m
Magneta partyhat. 250m
Cyan partyhat. 250m
Lava partyhat. 250m
Dark green partyhat. 300m-400m
4:36 PM
Clue Scrolls:
3rd age Longsword. 500m
3rd age Cloak. 750m-800m
3rd age Full Helmet. 300m
3rd age Platebody. 300m
3rd age Platelegs. 300m
3rd age Kiteshield. 300m
3rd age Mage Wand. 500m
3rd age Mage Hat. 200m-250m
3rd age Robe Top. 250m
3rd age Robe. 250m
3rd age Bow. 500m
3rd age Range Coif. 150m-200m
3rd age Range Top. 200m-250m
3rd age Range Legs. 200m-250m
3rd age Vambraces. 50m-75m
Infernal 3rd age Pickaxe. 450m
3rd age Pickaxe. 300m-400m
Infernal 3rd age Axe. 450m
3rd age Axe. 300m-400m
3rd age Amulet. 50m
4:36 PM
Alchemical Hydra:
Dragon Hunter Lancer. 500m-1b
Hydra's Claw. 150m
Brimstone Ring. 250m
4:37 PM
Eternal Crystal. 30m-50m
Eternal Boots. 35m-50m
Pegasian Crystal. 50m-100m
Pegasian Boots. 75m-100m
Primordial Crystal. 50m-80m
Primordial Boots. 50m-100m
Smouldering Stone. 100m
4:37 PM
Tanzanite fang. 50m-80m
Toxic blowpipe 60m-90m
Magic fang. 35m-50m
Toxic trident. 50m-75m
Serpentine visage. 30m-50m
Serpentine helm. 35m-55m
Magma mutagen. 35m
Magma helm. 40m-75m
Tanzanite Mutagen. 25m-50m
Tanzanite Helm. 35m-75m
4:37 PM
Armadyl Godsword. 50m-75m
Armadyl Godsword Ornament Kit. 150m
Armadyl Godsword (or). 150m-200m
Armadyl Hilt. 40m-50m
Armadyl Crossbow. 150m
Armadyl Helmet (i). 125m
Armadyl Chestplate (i). 125m
Armadyl Chainskirt (i). 125m
Armadyl Imbue Scroll. 75m-100m
Armadyl Helmet. 40m-50m
Armadyl Chestplate. 40-50m
Armadyl Chainskirt. 40-50m
Bandos Godsword. 30m
Bandos Godsword Ornament Kit. 150m
Bandos Godsword (or). 150m-200m
Bandos Hilt. 25m-30m
Bandos Chestplate (i). 125m
Bandos Tassets (i). 125m
Bandos Boots (i). 100m
Bandos Imbue Scroll. 75m-100m
Bandos Chestplate. 40m-50m
Bandos Tassets. 40-50m
Bandos Boots. 25m
Saradomin Godsword (or). 150m
Saradomin Godsword Ornament Kit. 75m-100m
Saradomin Godsword. 50m
Saradomin Hilt. 50m
Saradomin Sword. 20m
Saradomin's Blessed Sword. 40m-50m
Zamorak Godsword (or). 125m
Zamorak Godsword Ornament Kit. 75m-100m
Zamorak Godsword. 30m
Zamorak Godsword Hilt. 30m
Zamorakian Spear. 40m
Zamorakian Hasta. 50m
Staff of the Dead. 75m
Godsword Shard. 5m
4:37 PM
Adamant Dragons & Rune Dragons:
Dragon Metal Slice. 100m
Dragon Limbs. 50m
Dragon Metal Lump. 100m
4:37 PM
Vorkath & King Black Dragon (KBD):
Dragonfire Ward. 150m-175m
Dragonfire Shield. 100m-125m
Draconic Visage. 100m-125m
Skeletal Visage. 150m-175m
Dragonbone Necklace. 10m-15m
Dragon Pickaxe. 25m-50m
Dragon Metal Shard. 100m
4:38 PM
Barrelchest Anchor. 5m-10m
4:38 PM
Demonic Gorillas:
Ballista Limbs. 5m
Ballista Spring. 5m
Monkey Tail. 5m
Light Frame. 5m
Heavy Frame. 15m
Zenyte Shard. 30m-40m
4:38 PM
Dark Beast:
Dark Bow. 5m
Blue Dark Bow. 15m
Green Dark Bow. 15m
White Dark Bow. 15m
Yellow Dark Bow. 15m
4:38 PM
Trident of the seas. 20m-25m
Kraken tentacle. 20m

4:38 PM
Dagannoth Kings:
Seercull. 25m
Dragon axe. 10m-20m
Skeletal top. 5m-10m
Skeletal bottoms. 5m-10m
Warrior ring. 5m
Warrior ring (i). 30m
Berserker ring. 30m
Berserker ring (i). 60m
Archers ring. 30m
Archers ring (i). 60m
Seers ring. 15m
Seers ring (i). 40m
4:39 PM
Viggora's chainmace. 50m-75m
Craw's bow. 75m-100m
Thammarons's sceptre. 25m-50m
Amulet of avarice. 50m-75m

4:39 PM
Crystal Monsters
Vesta's Longsword. 40m-50m
Vesta's spear. 25m
Vesta's chainbody. 25m-30m
Vesta's chainbody (T1). 100m
Vesta's chainbody (T2). 325m
Vesta's chainbody (T3). 1.2b
Vesta's chainbody (T4). 3.6b
Vesta's chainbody (T5). 10.8b
Vesta's Plateskirt. 25m-30m
Vesta's Plateskirt (T1). 100m
Vesta's Plateskirt (T2). 325m
Vesta's Plateskirt (T3). 1.2b
Vesta's Plateskirt (T4). 3.6b
Vesta's Plateskirt (T5). 10.8b
Statius's Warhammer. 25m
Statius's full helm. 25m
Statius's full helm (T1). 90m
Statius's full helm (T2). 300m
Statius's full helm (T3). 1.1b
Statius's full helm (T4). 3.3b
Statius's full helm (T5). 9.9b
Statius's platebody. 25m
Statius's platebody (T1). 90m
Statius's platebody (T2). 300m
Statius's platebody (T3). 1.1b
Statius's platebody (T4). 3.3b
Statius's platebody (T5). 9.9b
Statius's platelegs. 25m
Statius's platelegs (T1). 90m
Statius's platelegs (T2). 300m
Statius's platelegs (T3). 1.1b
Statius's platelegs (T4). 3.3b
Statius's platelegs (T5). 9.9b
4:39 Morrigan's coif. 20m
Morrigan's coif (T1). 80m
Morrigan's coif (T2). 275m
Morrigan's coif (T3). 1b
Morrigan's coif (T4). 3b
Morrigan's coif (T5). 9b
Morrigan's leather body. 20m
Morrigan's leather body (T1). 80m
Morrigan's leather body (T2). 275m
Morrigan's leather body (T3). 1b
Morrigan's leather body (T4). 3b
Morrigan's leather body (T5). 9b
Morrigan's leather chaps. 20m
Morrigan's leather chaps (T1). 80m
Morrigan's leather chaps (T2). 275m
Morrigan's leather chaps (T3). 1b
Morrigan's leather chaps (T4). 3b
Morrigan's leather chaps (T5). 9b
Zuriel's staff. 25m
Zuriel's hood. 15m-20m
Zuriel's hood (T1). 75m
Zuriel's hood (T2). 250m
Zuriel's hood (T3). 900m
Zuriel's hood (T4). 2.7b
Zuriel's hood (T5). 8.1b
Zuriel's robe top. 15m-20m
Zuriel's robe top (T1). 75m
Zuriel's robe top (T2). 250m
Zuriel's robe top (T3). 900m
Zuriel's robe top (T4). 2.7b
Zuriel's robe top (T5). 8.1b
Zuriel's robe bottom. 15m-20m
Zuriel's robe bottom (T1). 75m
Zuriel's robe bottom (T2). 250m
Zuriel's robe bottom (T3). 900m
Zuriel's robe bottom (T4). 2.7b
Zuriel's robe bottom (T5). 8.1b
Morrigan's throwig axe. 10k ea
Morrigan's javelin. 10k ea
4:40 PM
Ahrim's armour set. 40m
Ahrim's staff. 10m
Ahrims' hood. 10m
Ahrim's robetop. 10m
Ahrim's robeskirt. 10m
Karil's armour set. 40m
Karil's crossbow. 10m
Karil's coif. 10m
Karil's leathertop. 10m
Karil's leatherskirt. 10m
Guthan's armour set. 45m
Guthan's warspear. 15m
Guthan's helm. 10m
Guthan's platebody. 10m
Guthan's chainskirt. 10m
Verac's armour set. 45m
Verac's flail. 15m
Verac's helm. 10m
Verac's Brassard. 10m
Verac's plateskirt. 10m
Torag's armour set. 40m
Torag's hammers. 10m
Torag's helm. 10m
Torag's platebody. 10m
Torag's platelegs. 10m
Dharok's armour set. 80m
Dharok's greataxe. 20m
Dharok's helm. 20m
Dharok's platebody. 20m
Dharok's platelegs. 20m
4:40 PM
Misc items
Abyssal whip. 5m
Abyssal tentacle. 25m
Volcanic whip. 15m-20m
Volcanic whip mix. 10m
Frozen whip. 15m-20m
Frozen whip mix. 10m
Serpentine whip. 100m-150m
Blood money. 200ea-300ea
Samurai set. 400m-500m
Abyssal bludgeon. 100m
Abyssal dagger (p++). 50m-75m
Amulet of torture. 50m
Amulet of anguish. 50m
Tormented bracelet. 50m
Ring of suffering. 50m
Ring of suffering (i). 100m
Ring of wealth scroll. 75m
Ring of wealth (i). 75m
Fury ornament kit. 25m
Amulet of fury. 5m
Amulet of damned. 25m
Amulet of eternal glory. 50m
Occult necklace. 50m
Ring of the gods. 75m-100m
Treasonous ring. 75m-100m
Tyrannical ring. 75m-100m
Odium ward. 5m
Malediction ward. 5m
Ranger boots. 30m
Ranger's tunic. 25m
Ranger gloves. 20m
Robin hood hat. 15m
Master wand. 15m-20m
Infinity hat. 10m
Infinity top. 10m
Infinity bottoms 10m
Light infinity colour kit. 45m
Light infinity hat. 25m
Light infinity top. 25m
Light infinity bottoms. 25m
Dark infinity colour kit. 60m
Dark infinity hat. 30m
Dark infinity top. 30m
Dark infinity bottoms. 30m
Infinity boots. 5m-10m
Dragon boots. 1m
Dragon Full helm. 50m
Dragon platebody. 200m-250m
Dragon kiteshield. 200m-250m
Obsidian helmet. 5m-10m
Obsidian platebody. 5m-10m
Obsidian platelegs. 5m-10m
Dagon'hai hat. 25m
Dagon'hai robe top. 25m
Dagon'hai robe bottom. 25m
Crystal key. 500k
Clue box. 1m
Mystery box. 3m
Heavy ballista. 30m
Light ballista. 20m
Smoke battlestaff. 50m
4:40 PM
Gilded scimitar. 30m-40m
Gilded full helm. 20m-25m
Gilded platebody. 20m-25m
Gilded platelegs. 20m-25m
Gilded plateskirt. 20m-25m
Gilded kiteshield. 20m-25m
Gilded boots. 20m-25m
Gilded spear. 10m-20m
Gilded hasta. 10m-20m
Gilded 2h sword. 30m-40m
Guthix full helm. 5m-10m
Guthix platebody. 5m-10m
Guthix platelegs. 5m-10m
Guthix plateskirt. 5m-10m
Guthix kiteshield. 5m-10m
Zamorak full helm. 5m-10m
Zamorak platebody. 5m-10m
Zamorak platelegs. 5m-10m
Zamorak plateskirt. 5m-10m
Zamorak kiteshield. 5m-10m
Saradomin full helm. 5m-10m
Saradomin platebody. 5m-10m
Saradomin platelegs. 5m-10m
Saradomin plateskirt. 5m-10m
Saradomin kiteshield. 5m-10m
Rune Full helm (t). 5m
Rune platebody (t). 5m
Rune platelegs (t). 5m
Rune plateskirt (t). 5m
Rune kiteshield (t). 5m
Rune full helm (g). 10m-15m
Rune platebody (g). 10m-15m
Rune platelegs (g). 10m-15m
Rune plateskirt (g). 10m-15m
Rune kiteshield (g). 10m-15m
Black full helm (t). 20m-25m
Black platebody (t). 20m-25m
Black platelegs (t). 20m-25m
Black plateskirt (t). 20m-25m
Black kiteshield (t). 20m-25m
Black full helm (g). 40m-50m
Black platebody (g). 40m-50m
Black platelegs (g). 40m-50m
Black plateskirt (g). 40m-50m
Black kiteshield (g). 40m-50m
4:41 PM
Bandos coif. 5m
Bandos d'hide. 5m
Bandos chaps. 5m
Bandos bracers. 5m
Bandos d'hide boots. 10m
Armadyl coif. 5m
Armadyl d'hide. 5m
Armadyl chaps. 5m
Armadyl bracers. 5m
Armadyl d'hide boots. 10m
Guthix coif. 5m
Guthix d'hide. 5m
Guthix chaps. 5m
Guthix bracers. 5m
Guthix d'hide boots. 10m
Ancient coif. 5m
Ancient d'hide. 5m
Ancient chaps. 5m
Ancient bracers. 5m
Ancient d'hide boots. 10m
Saradomin coif. 5m
Saradomin d'hide. 5m
Saradomin chaps. 5m
Saradomin bracers. 5m
Saradomin d'hide boots. 10m
Zamorak coif. 5m
Zamorak d'hide. 5m
Zamorak chaps. 5m
Zamorak bracers. 5m
Zamorak d'hide boots. 10m
Black d'hide body (t). 15m
Black d'hide chaps (t). 15m
Black d'hide body (g). 25m
Black d'hide chaps (g). 25m
Dragon platelegs. 500k-1m
Dragon chainbody. 1m
White dark bow paint. 10m
Yellow dark bow paint. 10m
Green dark bow paint. 10m
Blue dark bow paint. 10m
Elder chaos hood. 50m
Elder chaos top. 50m
Elder chaos robe. 50m
Double damage pot(2). 20m-25m
Double xp tome. 20m-25m
Vote ticket. 3m-5m
Ankou mask. 100m
Ankou top. 100m
Ankou leggings. 100m
Ankou gloves. 100m
Ankou socks. 100m
Ale of the gods. 50m
Crier bell. 25m
Dragon cane. 10m
Rune cane. 5m
Dragon full helm ornament kit. 50m
Dragon chainbody ornament kit. 25m-50m
Dragon platebody ornament kit. 75m-100m
Dragon legs/skirt ornament kit. 25m-50m
Dragon sq shield ornament kit. 25m-50m
Dragon kiteshield ornament kit. 75m-100m
Dragon scimitar ornament kit. 25m-50m
Dragon defender ornament kit. 25m-50m
Dragon boots ornament kit. 25m-50m
4:41 PM
Dragon dart tip. 15k-20k
Dragon arrowtips. 15k-20k
Dragon dart. 15k-20k
Dragon arrow. 15k-20k
Onyx bolt tips. 35k-40k
Onyx bolts. 20k-30k
Onyx bolts (e). 25k-30k
Dragonstone bolt tips. 8k-10k
Dragonstone bolts. 10k
Dragonstone bolts (e). 10k-15k
Ruby bolt tips. 2k-3k
Ruby bolts. 3k-5k
Ruby bolts (e). 5k-7.5k
Diamond bolt tips. 2k-3k
Diamond bolts. 3k-5k
Diamond bolts (e). 5k-7.5k
Dragon bolts. 10k
Zulrah scales. 2.5k-5k
Uncut zenyte. 30m-40m
Uncut onyx. 3m-5m
Uncut dragonstone. 100k
Uncut diamond. 10k
Uncut ruby. 6k
Uncut emerald. 4k
Uncut sapphire. 2k
Raw anglerfish. 5k
Anglerfish. 3k
Raw dark crab. 4k
Dark crab. 2.5k
Raw manta ray. 3k-4k
Manta ray. 2k
Raw shark. 2k-3k
Shark. 1k
Raw sea turle. 2k
Raw monkfish. 1k
Redwood logs. 12k
Magic logs. 10k
Yew logs. 5k
Runite ore. 15k
Adamantite ore. 5k
Mithril ore. 2k
Coal. 1k
Gold ore. 1k-2k
Silver ore. 1k-2k
Silver bar. 1k-2k
Gold bar. 2k-3k
Steel bar. 2.5k
Mithril bar. 5k
Adamantite bar. 10k
Runite bar. 20k-25k
4:41 PM
Super combat potion (4). 15k-20k
Super restore (4). 12k-15k
Saradomin brew (4). 7.5k
superior dragon bones. 250k
Ourg bones. 225k
Dagannoth bones. 175k-200k
Hydra bones. 150k
Lava dragon bones. 125k
Fayrg bones. 100k-120k
Wyvern bones. 75k
Dragon bones. 75k
Babydragon bones. 20k-25k
Green dragonhide. 2k
Green dragonhide leather. 2.5k
Blue dragonhide. 3k
Blue dragonhide leather. 3.5k
Red dragonhide. 5k
Red dragonhide leather. 5.5k
Black dragonhide. 8k-9k
Black dragonhide leather. 9k-10k
Grimy torstol. 10k
Torstol. 11k
Grimy snapdragon. 9k
Snapdragon. 9.5k
Grimy ranarr weed. 7.5k
Ranarr weed. 8k