1# The Mother of Supplies: Rogues' castle chest and Larran's big chest

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This is a personal opinion of mine but i think that the rogues chest is the best supply source for ironmen to be exist. Still you have to allways keep in mind: The bigger the gains, the higher the risk. Since the rogues chest is in the deep wilderness, it is even riskier for HCIM since that place could cause your death by a player kill. Thats why you allways have to think about it twice if you want to do it, or not.  I personally took that risk, without a loss.

Quick note:
The Rogues' chest requires a thieving lvl of 50 (lvl 40 with the pioneer ability), but it scales with your thieving lvl. Means --> the higher your thieving lvl is, the higher loot and the more thieving XP you'll get.


Mandatories and Recommendations/Setup


Besides other helpful items and setups, the amulet of avarice is the key item and therefore mandatory.
The amulet of avarice basically skulls you and whats more important: it notes the loot that you get from the Rogues' chest, so that you can grind it for longer and dont have to run and bank it all over again since you can get like 15 uncut gems unnoted and that will fill your inventory pretty fast.


Another important item is the ring of wealth (i), since this one will boost the amount of loot from the chest so you get way more loot than you would get without the ring of wealth (i).


Last you will need a looting bag. This item goes really well with the amulet of avarice. You leave it open in your inventory so that all the noted loot gets in your looting bag instead of your inventory. This is pretty helpful, since then you can setup some gear, barrage runes, food and prayer pots in case someone's willing to PK you.




Since you now have all your mandatories we can start with your gear and inventory setup:

Basically get yourself some high tier food, some prayer and magic pots and your barrage runes in your inventory and leave the looting bag open.
For the gear setup you can just use any type of magic equipment that boosts your magic accuracy.

image-1606047567843.png  image-1606047559074.png


Starting route/loot from 1 hour/escape route


Starting route:

Starting off at home, click on your spellbook --> Wilderness teleport --> Rogues' Castle (lvl 51)
This will directly teleport you infront of the castle. From there you walk around the castle until you see 3 chests.

image-1606048168067.png  image-1606048581751.jpg

Arrived, you have to stay between the 2 chests. I highly recommend to do the 1-tick technique. This way you will be looting way faster than you would just by spamclicking one chest. Just try it until you get the hang of it, its not that difficult.

Here a example of what it looks like and how much faster it is:

regular technique:                                                                      1-tick technique:

image-1606048961583.gif  image-1606048984051.gif


Loot from 1 hour:

This is the avarage loot from 1 hour of 1-ticking the rogues' chests (with thieving 99, looting bag, row (i) and the amulet of avarice):



Escape route:

Being at the deepest wilderness it wouldn't make to much sense to run across the whole wilderness. Therefore you have to know a better and faster alternative.

Starting off at the entrance of the rogues' castle, this time you go outside of the castle and head east until you arrive to a the teleport obelisk:

image-1606050078939.jpg  image-1606050026747.png

Click on one of the 4 obelisks and they will start to shine purple. when that happens you have to quickly run to the middle of them so you get teleported out.

If you do you will be randomly teleported to a different wilderness obelisk. Sometimes it happens that you get teleported to a obilisk that is still in deep wilderness, so repeat it until you get teleported to a obelisk that is below the wilderness lvl 20. Then you can just use the home teleport to escape.

image-1606050586400.png  image-1606050595521.png


Larran's Chest

Within the loot out of the rogues' chest, you'll receive larran's keys. You can use these to open the larran's chest, which is also in the deep wilderness. This one is way easier but still as risky as the rogues chest. 

Quick note: Bring a Ring of wealth (i) with you, since this will boost the amount of loot you will get out of the chest.

Starting off at home, go to your spellbook --> Wilderness teleport --> Mage bank.
There you will see a lever which will teleport you outside of the mage bank to the most deep wilderness.

From there,  go outside of the building and run all the way west along the ocean...

image-1606051139416.jpg  image-1606051156525.jpg

...until you arrive at a ship. Climb the ladder within the ship and you'll be next to the chest.

image-1606051361720.jpg  image-1606051376860.jpg



I hope this guide was helpful. More guides will follow

PM me if you have any question.

IGN: Xl Green