Ironman basics

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In the following of this guide i will show you the simple and plain basics about Ironmen and what you have to know before you start.


What is a Ironman?

The Ironman-mode defines itself as a game-type that requires players to be entirely self-sufficient. This is because Ironmen are locked out of nearly every interaction with other players.

Here is a list of what Ironmen are not allowed to do:

  • trade with other players
  • pickup loot from your own/others player kills
  • pickup loot from other players in general
  • limited access on the NPC shops
  • no access to the auction
  • stakes in the duel arena
  • receive items via ballons in the falador party room


Ironman-mode:                                                             Regular-mode:

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Different types of Ironmen and XP rates:

Besides the Ironman mode there are another 2 special types of Ironmen you can choose: Hardcore Ironman and Ultimate Ironman.
Within these types you can choose if you either want the higher "regular" XP rates or the much lower "extreme" XP rates.

Quick note:
A normal account gives 50 times the XP rates of OSRS.
An extreme account gives 10 times the XP rates of OSRS and 20% increased drop rates.



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The basic Ironman.

Hardcore Ironman:

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This Ironman is like the basic Ironman but with one addition that makes it more difficult. As an Hardcore Ironman you only have 1 life. Means if you die, your status will be revoked and you will become a basic Ironman.


Since you only have 1 life to keep your Hardcore Ironman (HCIM) status, you have to be way more careful with that what you doing and think about it twice if you want to go to places like wilderness. Any type of death, apart from the minigames, will cause the lost of your status!

Ultimate Ironman:

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Also this Ironman has the same restrictions as the basic Ironman, but with one game changing addition. A Ultimate Ironman is not allowed to use the bank. Basically your inventory will be your whole bank. You can make some space by buying a looting bag from the boss shop for 150 boss points, which enlarges your inventory from 28, to 55 (-1 space for the looting bag)



This guide is only the simple basics. More specific guides will follow.


Pm me if you have any questions!
IGN: Xl Green