Revenants is a good, but dangerous way to make money. Making money off revenants is by killing Revenants, in the revenants cave in the Wilderness. They are in the middle/upper east side of the cave, between lvl 28 and 35 wilderness, inside a multi-combat zone. There is a direct teleport from the wilderness teleport menu in the spellbook, which brings you to the northern entrance in lvl 41 wilderness. When you enter the cave, walk southeast/south, past the black dragons and you will run straight into revenants. Revenants can do a lot of damage to you, but if you wear a charged Bracelet of Ethereum, they will do little damage to you. Bracelet of ethereum is dropped in its uncharged form from Revenants. Revenants drop Ether, which can be used to charge the bracelet. Each hit you take will deplete a charge from the bracelet. Due to the risk of being killed by other players, makes that killing Revenants is a dangerous activity. They're drops are very valuable, they even drop a few high value unique items, a few weapons, which do extra damage when used inside the wilderness, are considered very valuable. 

Loot table with 0% DR reduction




Equipment and inventory

You should bring equipment depending on how much you are willing to risk. Some players choose to only bring 3 valuable items, so if they get pked, they always keep these. Others dare to take more risk and bring their best in slot items, which makes the punishment harder if you die, but you're also more resilient against pkers. For this money making guide, i used an overall cheap set. Note that you can bring both melee or ranged, and that the wilderness weapons are considered the best to bring when killing Revenants. A few items to point out you should bring

Looting bag: A looting bag can hold up to 28 items for you. You can store your loot inside it, but you can not withdraw from it when inside the wilderness. You can empty your looting bag when outside the wilderness, or straight into your bank when at a bank. 

Amulet of avarice: Amulet of avarice skulls you when equipped, which makes you lose all of your items when you die inside the wilderness. The good thing is, the amulet notes all of your loot at Revenants, which allows you to stay a lot longer at revenants, especially when combined with a looting bag. Additionally, being skulled (with or without the amulet) at Revenants or Crystal npcs in the wilderness gives you a hidden +10% drop rate boost on the rare table. The downside is that if you die, you'll lose all of your loot and your equipment, making it a risky, but certainly valuable decision if you take it. 

I've used this set-up to make this guide



This is my loot from 1 hour killing revenants
1h revenants.png
I've not included rare drops. In this hour i also got 3 weapons, which sell for 17m to the general store, upping the average loot per hour to 57m. This is very high, but can be vary heavily if you get rare drops or not. I've got this with a 75% boosted rare drop rate. Note that gp/h can vary depending on what set-up you bring and if there are other players around. 


If you position yourself around here, you continuously aggro the warrior and the dragon, which give the best loot of all revenants. Since this is the highest part of the revenants, it's also the most risky place. The lower you go, the closer you are to a lvl where you can teleport, but the revenants there are easier to kill thus have less good loot. Despite the dragon using fire, it will not damage you as long as you wear a charged Bracelet of ethereum.