Impling hunting


Hunting implings can be a good way to make money, especially at a high hunter lvl and having the donator, or super sponsor area unlocked. You can start training hunter at home or at the Super sponsor area, refer to our hunter guide to find out how to start out


The best money makers for hunter are catching Dragon and Lucky implings. The donator zone and super sponsor zone have a designated area with only these two sort of implings. There is also a bank in the same area, which allows you to empty your inventory very quick. You can sell these impling jars for respectively 55k and 63k each. You can also open them for items. Dragon implings give very good skilling items, and even some pvm items such as darts and arrows, though the overall value of what it contains is usually lower. Lucky impling jars give random clue scroll rewards. The odds of getting a high value unique is very small, so small that it isn't worth to open them if you want to make money fast. When you're done hunting, you can sell your impling jars to the general store.



Donator zone 
dz hunter.png


Super sponsor training area
sspz hunter training.png


Super sponsor high lvl implings area
sspz hunter training.png



To get the best rates, i wouldn't advice catching either Dragon or Lucky implings. While Lucky implings sell for more money, you might slow down on having to actually look for Ninja implings and lose time.

You'll catch about 27 implings per minute. If your clicks are on point, you could even bank and withdraw empty impling jars in this minute. 
27 X 60 minutes = 1620 implings per hour
General store price Dragon impling jar: 55569 GP
General store price Lucky impling jar: 63644 GP
Average value per inventory: 1.609M GP
Average income per hour: 96.540M GP

Income may vary if you catch more or less of a certain impling. Above stated numbers are in an ideal situation. Actual income may be lower.