99 Hunter Guide

1-99 Hunter!

Step 1: Trade "Skilling Shop" at ::Shops


Step 2: Buy the Butterfly net and Impling Jars


Step 3: Go to Mage Book and Press skilling teleport, scroll down and press Hunter!


In the shop you can buy various items. The clothes give extra XP. Meanwhile the Gloves, capes and net gives better catchrate. You get the Puro Puro Points by catching implings.

I suggest buying the Clothes due to catch rate being high already.


Step 4: Start catching Implings until 99.


Level requirements (Note: These are the lvl requirements if you catch implings with a net. If you want to catch them barehanded, you need 10 lvls higher than the initial requirement. To catch Lucky implings barehanded, you need 99 hunter)

Baby impling: 1 hunter
Young impling: 22 hunter
Gourmet impling: 28 hunter
Earth impling: 36 hunter
Essence impling: 42 hunter
Eclectic impling: 50 hunter 
Nature impling: 58 hunter
Magpie impling 65 hunter 
Ninja impling:  74 hunter
Dragon impling: 83 hunter
Lucky impling: 90 hunter

Quick Tip: You can use the menu entry swapper to turn off the "catch" option for lower level implings. 

1) Start by going to the client settings and enable menu entry swapepr


2) Shift right click the impling you want to disable catch for. Select "Swap left click 'Walk Here' ". This will swap the "walk here" option with "catch" so that left clicking on the impling will disable catching it.




You can also catch implings at home for 10% extra XP, however, there less of them and they spawn more spread out. The Donator zone gives 20% XP boost and only has Dragon and Lucky implings, making it a very good place to make money.There are also two designated hunter areas at the Super sponsor zone. The zone gives a 50% XP boost, and the hunter areas are much more compact, making it the most efficient place to train hunter. One are has all implings but Dragon and Lucky impling, the other area only has Dragon and Lucky implings, making it one of the best money maker spots in the game.

Congratulations! You're now 99 Hunter!