99 Fishing Guide

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Why should i skill fishing?

There are a few ways to get highest tier food such as rogues chests, or larran's keys. Still, these ways are pretty risky to do. To skill fishing is basically the safer method to obtain high tier food such as, anglerfishs, manta rays, dark crabs which are all necessary for doing bosses. For Ironmen or even HCIM this skill is even more important since the "Food and Potions shop", eastern of home is capped when playing on Ironman-mode. Means for Ironmen you are only able to buy food up to Sharks.



Starting at home, head north, pass the well of goodwill, until you arrive to the fishing place. This place has nearly everything you need to start fishing (exerpt the angler set). There is a nearby bank and the fishing shop. This shop has basically every necessary tool you'll need for you fishing journey.


image-1604873905450.png image-1604873964560.png



Start fishing

Starting off from the most right fishing spot you skill your way to the most left fishing spot.
You have to click on the fishing spot, with the right tool and you'll start to fish. After your inventory get full, you can bank it in the nearby chest an repeat the process.

Quick note: You can also use the fishes on the bank so they will be noted in your inventory, which makes things alot easier especially for UIM.

1: Start
2: Bank
3: Fishing shop


These are the lvl requirements and the required tool, for each fishing spot, from right to left:

- shrimps and anchovies (lvl 1 and 15) (using small net)
- sardine, hering, pike, slimy eel, cave eel (lvl 5, 10, 25, 28, 38) (using fishing rod with fishing bait)
- mackerel, cod, bass (lvl 16, 23 and 46) (using big fishing net)
- trout, salmon (lvl 20 and 30) (using fly fishing rod with feathers)
- tuna, swordfish (lvl 35 and 50) (using harpoon)
- lobster (lvl 40) (using lobster pot)

- monkfish (lvl 62) (using small fishing net)
- karambwan (lvl 65) (using karambwan vessel and karambwanji)
- karambwan (lvl 65) (using karambwan vessel and karambwanji)
- shark (lvl 76) (using harpoon)
- manta ray (lvl 81) (using harpoon)


Prestige Guild:

Once accessible, the prestige guild also offers a single Anglerfish spot. Anglerfish requires level 82 fishing, along with a fishing rod and sandworms for bait.

To access the prestige guild, you must have either unlocked the prestiger rank or have at least one skill with prestige 10 (with p10 cape tele). The prestige guild provides a bonus 20% XP boost to all skills trained within this area, similar to that of the donator zone.




Maximize your efficiency during fishing (donator ranks, helpful tools etc.)


Skilling pet/s:

All Skilling pets serve you with a XP boost of 20% in the skill in which you found them.

You can find the Heron pet while fishing basically everywhere.


The pet Shark is only obtainable whilest fishing sharks:


The Goldfish pet is a Donator zone and above only. Means you only can obtain it while fishing in the donator zone or above.




Donator Rank (10$)
Access to the ::dz (Donator Zone)

This place provides 4 different fishing spots.
Furthermore you receive 20% XP boost on everything in this area.

0: Bank
1: Monkfish (lvl 62) (small fishing net)
2: Lobster (lvl 40) (lobster pot)
3: Shark (lvl 76) (harpoon)
4: Dark crab  (lvl 85) (lobster pot and dark fishing bait)



Super Donator Rank (50$)
Access to the ::sdz (Super Donator Zone)

This place provides 5 different fishing spots.
Furthermore you receive 30% XP boost on everything in this area.

0: Bank
1: anglerfish (lvl 82) (fishing rod and sandworms)
2: anglerfish (lvl 82) (fishing rod and sandworms)
3: karambwan (lvl 65) (karambwan vessel and karambwanji)
4: manta ray (lvl 81) (harpoon)
5: tuna and swordfish (lvl 35 and 50) (harpoon)



Super Sponsor Rank (500$)
Access to the ::sspz (Super Sponsor Zone)

This place provides 12 different fishing spots.
Furthermore you receive 50% XP boost on everything in this area.

1: Shrimp (lvl 1) and anchovies (lvl 15) - Small Fishing Net
2: Cave eel, sardines, pike, and lava eels - Fishing rod and bait
3: Bass, cod, mackarels, and Oysters - Big Fishing Net
4: Trout and salmon - Fly fishing rod and feathers
5: Swordfish and tuna - Harpoon
6: Lobsters - Lobster Pot
7: Monkfish - Small fishing net
8: Karambwan - Karambwan vessel and raw karambwanji
9: Sharks - Harpoon
10: Manta rays - Harpoon
11: Anglerfish - Fishing rod and sandworms
12: Dark crab - Lobster pot and dark fishing bait



Tools/Skilling points shop:

When it comes to tools, there is only one better option to use. The dragon harpoon.


There are also a few thing to buy from the Skilling points shop, which will help you to boost your efficiency to a maximum:



1: You can attach the smouldering stone on the dragon harpoon to create a infernal harpoon which provides the chance to cook a fish instantly while fishing.
2: the fishing casket has alot of fishing supplies but mainly its helpful because you can find the angler set out of it.
While wearing the angler set you will receive additional XP during fishing.

Quick info for Skilling sets:

All hats, bodies, and legs, give 2% XP boost
if you have gloves and boots, both will give 1% XP boost each
if you only have one of them, the one you have will give you 2% XP boost (so basically reach 8% with one set part off)
if you have the full set you will receive additional 2% XP boost on top, means for a full skilling set you receive
8% + 2 % = 10% XP boost

Angler set:



Abilities & Accomplishment Skillcapes

Arrived at home go westbound and you will find 2 NPC's called The wise old man & Patchy.

Starting off with The wise old man:
Due to the new Skillcape Perks update, the skillcapes now have perks which helps you with the skill
untrimmed fishing skillcape: 10% chance to catch 2 at once
trimmed fishing skillcape: 10% higher chance for infernal effect
mastery fishing skillcape: 25% chance to catch a noted fish

Patchy takes care of the Prestige abilities.
You can earn prestige points by prestiging skills (1 point for normal player, 3 points for extreme mode players - per skill)
The one important for us is the...
...Resourcful ability: This one gives us the chance to obtain double resources.
...Pioneer ability: On this one skilling requirements are lowered by 10 levels


Hope this guide was helpful!



Feel free to pm me for any questions.

IGN: Xl Green