99 Woodcutting Guide

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Why should i skill woodcutting?

Woodcutting is one of the Semi-AFK, Basic Skills. So theres not much to explain. You still have to go through it if you want the Max Cape some day. The good thing is you can use the logs to train fletching or firemaking. Basically you do is, Chop.. Chop.. and Chop..



Starting up at home you go eastbound,  where the NPC shops are, which provide all kind of stuff which you need ingame. There you search for the "Skilling Shop" (5th NPC) In the Shop you can buy the hatchet from bronze to rune. I prefer you to buy all of them at once so you dont have to run there again.


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These are the lvl requirements for the hatchets:

Iron lvl 1
Mithril lvl 21
Adamant lvl 31
Rune lvl 41


Time to chop!

Various tree varieties may be found north of the home area. Note that the home area provides a 10% xp boost to all skills.

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B: Bank
1: regular treee (lvl 1)
2: oak tree (lvl 15)
3: willow tree (lvl 30)
4: maple tree (lvl 45)
5: yew tree (lvl 60)
6: magic tree (lvl 75)



Prestige Guild:

Once accessible, the prestige guild also offers four magic tree spots. 

To access the prestige guild, you must have either unlocked the prestiger rank or have at least one skill with prestige 10 (with p10 cape tele). The prestige guild provides a bonus 20% XP boost to all skills trained within this area, similar to that of the donator zone.




Maximize your efficiency during woodcutting (for example best XP and helpful tools)

There are a few way how you can boost the efficiency of woodcutting.

Skilling pet/s:

You have the chance to find skilling pets while chopping trees.

You can find the Beaver while chopping trees everywhere. This pet will slightly boost your woodcutting XP while following you.


This fancy Tree Spirit is only obtainable whilest chopping trees on the donator zone or above. Therefore it'll grant you a even higher XP boost than the beaver.




Donator Rank (10$)
Access to the ::dz (Donator Zone)

This place provides magic and yew tree which will never chop down to a stump and a nearby bank.
Furthermore, you receive 20% XP boost on everything in this area.



Super Donator Rank (50$)
Access to the ::sdz (Super Donator Zone)

This place provides a regular tree, willow tree, maple tree, yew tree, magic tree, and redwood tree with nearby bank.
All of them are infinite like the one in the Donator Zone, meaning they wont be chopped down to a stump.
Additionally you'll receive 30% XP boost on everything in this area.



Super Sponsor Rank (500$)
Access to the ::sspz (Super Sponsor Zone)

This are provides a regular tree, oak tree, willow tree, maple tree, yew tree, magic tree, and redwood tree with a nearby banker.
All of them are infinite like the other donator zones, meaning they wont be chopped down to a stump.
Additionally you'll receive 50% XP boost on everything in this area.



Tools/Skilling points shop:

Besides rune hatchet there a better tools which can help you to chop faster.

These you can buy at the Skilling points shop, eastern of home.



Note: if you combine the smouldering stone (1) with any of the tools, they become "infernal" which grants you a chance to burn the log you are chopping. The infernal variants (i.e. Infernal Dragon Axe and Infernal 3rd Age axe) have a faster chopping rate than their normal variants.

In terms of speed from fastest to slowest, the order is Infernal 3rd Age > 3rd Age Axe > Infernal Dragon Axe > Dragon Axe

2: The dragon axe and infernal dragon axe requires a wc lvl of 61 to use and are the 4th and 3rd best axes in game, respectively
You can buy it from online players, get it as a drop from Dagannoth Kings, or buy it at the skilling points shop for 150k skilling points (+100k points for the smouldering stone).

3: The 3rd age axe and Infernal 3rd age axe are the second best and best axes, respectively, in the tool slot for Woodcutting, and are usually quite expensive but worth the cost.
You can buy it from online players, get it from hard clues/elite clues if you're lucky or buy it from the skilling points shop for 1.5m skilling points (+100k points for the smouldering stone).

4: Woodcutting caskets provides you with all sorts of woodcutting based stuff (logs, hatchets etc.).
If your lucky, you can also get Lumberjack pieces out of it. The Lumberjack set gives a small XP bonus whilst Woodcutting. The full lumberjack set provides at 10% exp boost.

Quick info for Skilling sets:

All hats, bodies, and legs, give 2% XP boost
if you have gloves and boots, both will give 1% XP boost each
if you only have one of them, the one you have will give you 2% XP boost (so basically reach 8% with one set part off)
if you have the full set you will receive additional 2% XP boost on top, means for a full skilling set you receive
8% + 2 % = 10% XP boost

Lumberjack set:



Abilities & Accomplishment Skillcapes

Arrived at home go westbound and you will find 2 NPC's called The wise old man & Patchy.

Starting off with The wise old man:
Due to the new Skillcape Perks update, the skillcapes now have perks which helps you with the skill
untrimmed woodcutting skillcape:
grants 10% chance to chop 2 at once
trimmed woodcutting skillcape: 10% higher chance for infernal effect
mastery woodcuting skillcape: 25% chance to chop a noted log

Patchy takes care of the Prestige abilities.
You can earn prestige points by prestiging skills (1 point for normal player, 3 points for extreme mode players - per skill)
The one important for us is the...
...Resourcful ability: This one gives us the chance to obtain double resources.
...Pioneer ability: On this one skilling requirements are lowered by 10 levels




Hope this guide was helpful!


Feel free to pm me for any questions.

IGN: Xl Green