99 Thieving Guide

Basic and Background Information

Thieving is almost always the way people start their RSPS journeys. It's a solid money-maker to get your beginner gear. It's an incredibly straight-forward skill - though it's click intensive. In this guide you will learn how to get 99 Thieving on RuneRealm. 



Where to start Thieving


To start thieving, you will need to either us ::home or click the home teleport in your spellbook. It is the spell that has a big "H" in the circle - usually your first spell in the whole book. From there, follow the above imagine to where you will be doing your Thieving to 99.

What to do and when



The above image shows what you will be thieving, and when. Later in the guide will be an alternative method for donators. Thieving is completely straightforward. Here's what you'll be done:

From 1-25 Thieving, you'll be doing the Food Stalls. These sell for 1,000 GP each.

From 25-50 Thieving, you'll be doing the General Stalls. These sell for 2,000 GP each.

From 50-75 Thieving, you'll be doing the Jewelry Stalls. These sell for 3,000 GP each.

From 75-85 Thieving, you'll be doing the Runes Stalls. These sell for 4,000 GP each.

From 85-99 Thieving, you'll be doing the Scimitars Stalls. These sell for 5,000 GP each.

Every 28 thieves, your inventory will be filled with the items you've stolen. When it is, you should trade the Merchant who is shown in the picture above. He will buy all the items from you for the prices listed above. I won't be listing the amount of thieves needed or the amount of time it will take as Extreme accounts have different XP rates and double exp can change the rates. Adding on to that, x2 Exp Books can speed it up as well, so there's a lot of different ways to speed up.

As you level up your Thieving, you will have a chance to obtain the Thieving pet. If you're lucky enough to obtain it, you'll receive an extra 10% Experience boost while you have the pet out. However, there are two types of pets - non-donator Thieving Pets and donator thieving pets.

Donator Thieving



If you've donated at least $10 to the server, you'll have access to the Donator Zone where a new stall is available. This one is a Gem Stall. It requires 90 Thieving and has the benefit of a 20% experience boost while skilling inside of the donator zone and gives straight GP from the stall. If you're a donator, I would recommend doing this to 99 over Scimitar Stalls (once you're 90 of course.)

Congrats! You've Leveled Your Thieving to 99!


Congratulations on 99 thieving. You can now go home once again and talk to the Wise Old Man who is to the west, next to the Genie and Twiggy O'Korn to buy the cape for a whopping 99,000 GP. Good luck on your next set of tasks!