Crafting guide




In this guide i will tell you how to train crafting, what the fastest and most efficient ways are to lvl up to 99 and eventually prestige the skill. Crafting is a wide variety skill that ranges from creating armor from leather, to making jewellery. While there are a lot of ways to train crafting on OSRS, as of currently we only offer limited, but possibly the best training methods. I will take you through each of these methods and will show you a possible route of what is the most efficient way to lvl up crafting. When this guide was written, the only ways to train crafting is leathercrafting, cutting gems and crafting gold jewellery. Silver jewellery crafting will be added at a later stage. 



Crafting leather armor is the way to start training crafting at lvl 1. There are different types of leathers, black dragon leather being the highest, which can be utilised to train to 99 crafting. You can start out training crafting by obtaining cowhide. Cowhide is dropped by cows. You can bring cowhides to a tanner who can make it into soft leather. At a later stage, you can get your cowhides turned into hard leather, for training at a higher lvl. At even a higher lvl you can get dragonhides from coloured dragons, ranging respectively from lowest to highest requirement, green, blue, red or black dragonhides. The tanner can turn these into dragon leather, which can be used to make dragonhide armour. To craft any leather armor you need a needle and thread, which can be bought from the skilling shop at home. Crafting a leather item always uses 1 thread.




Soft leather

Soft leather can be used to make basic leather ranging equipment. You can start training crafting at lvl 1 by creating leather cowls. Higher lvl items yield higher xp, but possibly use more leather. The tendency of using more leather to craft an item almost always results in a higher XP/h. Creating any item with soft leather requires 1 piece of leather.

Note: In game, soft leather is named leather, but since the next tier is called hard leather, normal leather is usually mentioned as soft leather, although you will never see an item named soft leather, only the tanner mentions it as soft leather.


Crafting Level Item XP
1 Leather cowl.png 950
11 Leather vambraces.png 1100
14 Leather body.png 1250
18 Leather chaps.png 1350


Hard leather

Hard leather can be used to craft hard leather ranged equipment. You can start making hard leather items at lvl 28 crafting. Higher lvl items yield higher XP. Creating a Hard leather shield uses 2 pieces of hard leather, the other items only use 1 piece of leather.


Crafting Level Item Experience
28 Hardleather body.png 1750
38 Coif.png 1850
41 Hard leather shield.png 3500


Green dragon leather

Green dragon leather is used to craft green d'hide equipment. You can start crafting green d'hide equipment at lvl 57 crafting. Creating vambraces uses 1 piece of dragon leather, chaps and shield uses 2 and body uses 3.


Crafting Level Item Experience
57 Green d'hide vambraces.png 3100
60 Green d'hide chaps.png 6200
62 Green d'hide shield.png 6200
63 Green d'hide body.png 9300


Blue dragon leather

Blue dragon leather is used to craft blue d'hide equipment. You can start crafting blue d'hide equipment at 66 crafting. Creating vambraces uses 1 piece of dragon leather, chaps and shield uses 2 and body uses 3.


Crafting Level Item Experience
66 Blue d'hide vambraces.png 3500
68 Blue d'hide chaps.png 7000
69 Blue d'hide shield.png 7000
71 Blue d'hide body.png 10.500

Red dragon leather

Red dragon leather is used to craft red d'hide equipment. You can start crafting red d'hide equipment at 73 crafting. Creating vambraces uses 1 piece of dragon leather, chaps and shield uses 2 and body uses 3.


Crafting Level Item Experience
73 Red d'hide vambraces.png 3900
75 Red d'hide chaps.png 7800
76 Red d'hide shield.png 7800
77 Red d'hide body.png 11.700


Black dragon leather

Black dragon leather is used to craft black d'hide equipment and is the highest craft able (dragon)leather. You can start crafting black d'hide equipment at 79 crafting. Creating vambraces uses 1 piece of dragon leather, chaps and shield uses 2 and body uses 3.

Crafting Level Item Experience
79 Black d'hide vambraces.png 4300
82 Black d'hide chaps.png 8600
83 Black d'hide shield.png 8600
84 Black d'hide body.png 12.900


Jewellery crafting


Crafting jewellery is an alternative way to train crafting. You can make gold jewellery with gems and gold bars. Silver jewellery crafting will be added at a later stage. Jewellery crafting can be divided in two ways: cutting uncut jewels and crafting actual jewel. You can start training crafting through cutting uncut opals at lvl 1. Opals, Jades and Red topaz are used for silver jewellery and can currently not be crafted into jewellery. You can however cut their uncut variants to cut jewels for early crafting training. To cut a gem you need a chisel and an uncut gem. To make a piece of jewellery, you need a gold bar, a cut gem and a mould for that specific piece. You can buy ring, necklace, amulet and bracelet moulds at the skilling shop at home. To make gold jewellery, use a gold bar on an oven.

Cutting gems

Crafting Level Item Materials Experience
1 Opal.png Uncut opal.png 750
13 Jade.png Uncut jade.png 1000
16 Red topaz.png Uncut red topaz.png 1250
20 Sapphire.png Uncut sapphire.png 2500
27 Emerald.png Uncut emerald.png 3400
34 Ruby.png Uncut ruby.png 4250
43 Diamond.png Uncut diamond.png 5400
55 Dragonstone.png Uncut dragonstone.png 6900
67 Onyx.png Uncut onyx.png 8400
89 Zenyte.png Uncut zenyte.png 10.000

Crafting jewellery

Crafting Level Item Experience
5 Gold ring.png 750
6 Gold necklace.png 1000
7 Gold bracelet.png 1250
8 Gold amulet (u).png* 1500
20 Sapphire ring.png 2000
22 Sapphire necklace.png 2750
23 Sapphire bracelet.png 3000
24 Sapphire amulet (u).png* 3250
27 Emerald ring.png 2750
29 Emerald necklace.png 3000
30 Emerald bracelet.png 3250
31 Emerald amulet (u).png* 3500
34 Ruby ring.png 3500
40 Ruby necklace.png 3750
42 Ruby bracelet.png 4000
50 Ruby amulet (u).png* 4250
43 Diamond ring.png 4250
56 Diamond necklace.png 4500
58 Diamond bracelet.png 4750
70 Diamond amulet (u).png* 5000
55 Dragonstone ring.png 5000
72 Dragon necklace.png 5250
74 Dragonstone bracelet.png 5500
80 Dragonstone amulet (u).png* 7500
90 Slayer ring (eternal).png** 750
67 Onyx ring.png 5750
82 Onyx necklace.png 6000
84 Onyx bracelet.png 6250
90 Onyx amulet (u).png* 8250
89 Zenyte ring.png 7500
92 Zenyte necklace.png 8250
95 Zenyte bracelet.png 9000
98 Zenyte amulet (u).png* 10.000


*To string an amulet, use a ball of wool on an amulet (u)
**To craft a lucky ring, you need a lucky gem and a 'perfect gold bar'

Jewellery can be enchanted through magic to get special stats or effects. Enchanting can be done in the normal spellbook with the enchant jewellery spells. You do not get crafting XP for enchanting jewellery.




Fastest route to 99

The fastest route to 99 is to craft d'hide bodies. I advice to train up to green d'hide bodies, then make those until you can make red d'hide bodies and so on, craft black d'hide bodies until 99. This is the fastest XP/h but is quite click intensive, as you can only make 8 bodies per inventory. Using bank pre-sets can be a very efficient way to quickly deposit and withdraw items. Cutting gems can be quite fast, but also very expensive. Regular players can buy uncut sapphires up to uncut diamonds from the skilling shop. Buying and cutting these is a fast and afk, but kind of expensive way to train crafting. This is often done by people who want to train more 'afk' as you only have to act after doing 27 actions, where you have to do something every 8 actions if you craft d'hide bodies. Crafting gold jewellery is not advised to train crafting with as it is quite slow training, despite the overall high xp drops. 

Tips for prestiging

- Use XP lamps to skip the first few lvls to go straight into high gem cutting, or d'hide bodies.
- Always have the best skilling cape (or max/prestiger cape) equipped when skilling to profit of passive perks of these capes.