Ancient Barbarians quest guide


Quest overview


Name: Ancient Barbarians
Difficulty: Very Hard
Level requirements:
- 70 defence
- 80 slayer
Item requirements: None
Item advices:
- Combat gear appropriate to your combat levels
- Food and potions
- A form of anti-dragonfire

- Enemies to defeat: several monsters ranging from level 22 to 120
- 2 quest points
- Access to the Ancient Barbarians boss lair
- Tarns Diary (which can be used to upgrade your Salve Amulet)
- A PVP mystery crate
- A double damage potion


Introduction: A mysterious, deceitful looking guy showed up in the Lumbridge cemetery, talking about an ancient tomb. Can you help him out finding what he is looking for?

Step 1.
Talk to Mysterious Michael in the Lumbridge cemetery. He tells you he is sort of an Archaeologist and searching for some long lost secrets in an ancient tom of the barbarians. Despite them living close to Edgeville, Michael says he's looking for their ancestors, who were located in the swamps near Mount Quidamortem. He tells you a certain relic is required for safe passage. This relic comes from the ruler of the undead, it was to powerful, so it was split up to 4 pieces, divided under his minions. You offer him your assistance. Click 'Yes, i am always in for an adventure' to finish the dialog and start the quest.


Step 2.
Before continuing on with the step 3 you will want to create the runed sceptre, allowing you to run through the cave without taking damage from the skeletons. The sceptre is split into 4 pieces, divided under the undead minions. Each minion drops a unique piece which can be attached to it's counterpart. These four pieces together make 2 pieces, which can be put together to get the sceptre. Note that all monsters stated below have their own teleport option on the Slayer Ring which can speed up the process a lot. You need to obtain the following items:

Top of Sceptre - These are dropped by level 19 ghosts and 22 skeletons, which can be found respectively in the Catacombs of Kourend or the Edgeville dungeon.
Bottom of Sceptre - This is dropped by level 42 ghouls which can be found south of the Slayer Tower in Canifis.

Combine these two pieces to get a Runed Sceptre.

Left skull half - This is dropped by level 140 Skeletal Wyverns, found in their lair beneath Port Sarim, they have a special teleport option in the Trainings teleport menu; don't forget to bring an anti-fire shield!

Right skull half - This is dropped by level 86 Ankous which can be found in the Catacombs of Kourend.

Combine these two pieces together to get a Strange Skull.

Combine the Runed Sceptre and the Strange Skull to create the Skull Sceptre.


Step 3. 

Michael mentions a relic which belonged to the ruler of the undead, it is split up and divided under his minions. Mount Quidamortem is where the Chambers of Xeric are located in the Kebos Lowlands. Use the mini-game teleport to raids (::cox), walk east then the path to the southwest. Go west until you can move around the hill to go east, then south past the water. Follow the several colored paths to the south until the path becomes brown, then follow the path east and then eventually north until you reach the swamp. Go all the way north until you reach a pyramid, this is quite a long walk. On your way there you will find some lizardmen lair which are inaccessible. Around the Pyramid you will find ancient tombs where there are a few you can enter, they will all lead to the same place. This is where the sceptre from step 2 comes into play (equip it).






Step 4.
Enter the Ancient Tombs as mentioned in step 3. Don't forget to bring the Skull Sceptre, equip it before you enter the tombs. When you enter the tombs you will notice the skeletons are not aggressive. Walk the route leading to the Ancient Barbarian Spirit, even he will 'obey' you now. You do not have to kill him. Walk past him and you will see a portal with a chest behind it, containing two Dragon Warhammers, take a good look, cause this is the closest you will get to this chest. Walk further until you reach an ancient coffin.



When you open it you will fall into a lair, right onto a pile of bones. Search the skeleton and the quest is completed! Beware, when you've searched the skeleton you will come right into the boss lair with the new bosses, walking towards you aggressively. The Skull Sceptre will not protect you against them. Quest completed!



You can come back to fight the bosses through the Boss teleports menu.