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Chambers of Xeric In depth Guide 





For Many players the endgame is to acquire the best gear, complete collection logs, and conquer the entirety of PVM. In order to reach this goal however, you will at some point have to take on the challenge that is the Chambers of Xeric. Whether it be to acquire the fabled Twisted Bow or to make a profit, you will find plenty of challenge within. Let's get started learning how to deal with this terrifying dungeon!

Note: To see Drop tables and rates for Raids, reference the section below for specifics.


What is a Raid?

A Raid is a team-based minigame in which players can either join together, or go solo, to conquer multiple bosses before finally killing one massive boss to attain rare loot. 



Before we delve in any further I think it's best that I share some requirements that I believe to be essential before truly grinding out raids. You can obviously do them with less stats or worse gear; however, doing so would not be efficient and you would be before off getting those levels or the gear beforehand. Furthermore, I play a UIM and so this will be a guide centered on both regular players and Ironman Alike. I will not be focusing on how to attain the gear mentioned, nor the skills, look at other guides or ask help in game on how to reach those levels/get that gear.


Attack: 85+

Strength: 85+

Defence: 85+

Prayer: 74+ (For Rigour)

Magic: 90+

Range: 90+

(Ironman) Herblore: 38 (prayer pots) or 63 (super restores)

(Ironman) Cooking: 80+ (for Sharks or better food)


The following gear recommendations are included for you to look over and see what players typically use. As far as first getting into raids it is understood that you will not have a twisted bow or a scythe of Vitur (usually) and as such a Toxic Blowpipe is the BARE MINIMUM for Raids. You can use it for just about every boss to include Olm (reference specific boss guides below for specifics). Furthermore, for any fights that you may need to use melee for, and you dont have a scythe, bring your best melee setup that you have at the time.

Also NOTE: Serpentine helm, Magma Helm, or Tanzanite helm are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. These mitigate a lot of damage from various monsters poison and venom attacks. If you do not have one, bring an a few anti-venom potions or an anti-venom+ potion.

Side note: While doing a solo run in the minimum setup is possible, it is highly recommended to get a better setup before you start doing raids if you're trying it solo without much experience.

RANGE (Low / Medium)


RANGE (Medium / Olm Fight)


RANGE (High Level)







MELEE (Medium)


MELEE  (High Level)


MELEE  (Max)





Note: A dragon/statius warhammer is recommended when running a large group or hardcore raid in order to lower the defense of some bosses (tekton, muttadile, guardians, etc.). However, this is not required in a regular solo raid as most bosses are relatively weak.




You will want to have:

A range/melee/mage switch

Prayer potions/Super restores

Decent Food

Double Damage pot (not needed but recommended, especially for beginners)

Runes for barrage spell (Ice barrage runes shown in photo). Use a Rune pouch if you have one!

Optional: Antidote/Antivenom potions, mage gear (Not necessarily required as few npcs require mage and the ones that do are already weak to it).

It is not required to bring barrage runes, you can also bring a Sang Staff / Trident / Iban's Staff to save inventory slots. It is highly recommended to bring some offensive mage option as some of the npcs (Vanguards) can only be damaged by mage attacks.


Your First Raid

GREAT! You have your stats, your gear, and your inventory all set up. Next, you will want to know some basic info before you start your first raid.

Firstly, When you raid you will fight 5 rooms of enemies/bosses before a final fight that will always be OLM. After you beat Olm you'll receive loot, then you are finished with that raid. You can do the Chambers of Xeric solo or with a team. When you are with a team, the monsters HP scale with the amount of people that we're inside the waiting room when the raid was started. For every player, boss hitpoints increases by 100% and their stats increase a bit as well. The monsters also have a chance to hit everyone in the raid instead of 1 player. There is no limit on how many players join a raid at the same time.

Solo raids have a higher INDIVIDUAL CHANCE of an item (meaning you get it yourself rather than someone else)

Team raids have a higher LIKELIHOOD OVERALL for there to be an item drop amongst you and your team members. Not that you will get the item, it may be your teammate of course.


With that in mind decide on whether you want to be in a team or solo, then you can start.

Getting There:


Head to your minigames tele in the RuneRealm tele tab, and use the teleport that says Chambers of Xeric which will take you straight to the entrance of the Chambers of Xeric:


PICTURE ABOVE: Entrance Gate to the Chambers of Xeric (click to enter or right click and quick-solo to start a solo raid)
If you left-click enter the doors you will start a raid on behalf of the cc your in.

Side note: You can not enter a raid on behalf of the main 'help' cc unless you have a certain rank. These ranks are usually only given out to veteran players and staff members. If you wish to do a solo raid without leaving the cc, you can start a raid by right-clicking the door and click quick-solo, if you wish to do a group session you can (temporarily) leave the help cc and join another one. Staff and veterans regularly organize group raids.



Once inside you will enter a small "Lobby" area that looks like this:


You will see the stairs you entered from, and to the north-west a doorway that will take you to your first encounter.

REMEMBER: Once you click the doorway the raid starts, at this point no one can enter the lobby anymore, and the only way out is to LOGOUT, which will force you outside the raid and you will lose all of your progress and have to restart. So be ready to fight to the end before you enter. If you die inside the Chambers of Xeric, you will respawn at the start of the room you've died at. You can die unlimited times in raids and you can try over and over again, however, every time you die your points are halved.

Before you dive in though we need to cover each room and give a rundown of each Boss/Monster/Monsters and how to beat each one. 


Raid Encounters (In Depth)

The following are the possible encounters you may run into before fighting Olm. There will ALWAYS be 5, and they are completely Random. You can never have the same encounter twice per raid. 



HP: 400

Points per Kill (Solo): 1200

Pray:  Ranged

Attack it with:  Range

Notes: Vespula is a relatively Easy Boss. You can only attack it with Range or Magic (range obviously recommended). Pray range here or you will take heavy damage. Also avoid getting too close or it will attack with melee as well and hit really hard. Vespula can venom you if you don't wear a Serpentine helm or use any other form of Anti-Venom. Upon death, Vespula has a chance to drop a pet (reference the drop table guide for you DR%)





HP: 500

Points per Kill (Solo): 1500

Pray:  melee

Attack it with:  melee

Notes: Tekton is one of the slower bosses to kill in the Raid, though if you pray melee he will do 0 damage to you, so it is relatively safe. You will want to attack with your best melee setup. For hardcore raids, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use a Statius Warhammer or Dragon Warhammer Special to reduce his defence. Even though he has a very high defense, crush weapons should work best against Tekton. Similar to other raids bosses, it also drops a pet (reference the drop table guide for you DR%)




HP: 350

Points per Kill (Solo): 1050

Pray:  Magic (if using range) or Melee (if using melee)

Attack it with:  Range or Melee

Notes: Mutadile is a fairly straightforward boss to kill, though he can hit through prayer and if you are using melee to attack him he will use both magic and melee attacks against you. It is not recommended to use melee against him until you have a Scythe of Vitur, since it has a very high damage melee attack. The most efficient way to kill Mutadile is with ranged from a distance. Similar to other raids bosses, it may also drop a pet (reference the drop table guide for you DR%)



Vasa Nistirio


HP: 600

Points per Kill (Solo): 1800

Pray:  Magic (and ranged if prayer switching)

Attack it with:  Range or Melee

Notes: Vasa Nistirio attacks with hard hitting magic (two blue projectiles) and range (gray ball) and can hit decently even through prayer and high magic defence armor. It has decent HP therefore you may find yourself eating food here, so keep an eye on your HP bar. It is not recommended to use Melee against him until you have a Scythe of Vitur. Similar to other raids bosses, it also drops a pet (reference the drop table guide for you DR%).

When entering the room, Vasa will start off by attacking you with a ranged attack. During the fight, you may also prayer switch to protect between mage and ranged. For the mage attack, Vasa will launch two blue orbs at you. For the ranged attack, it will launch a gray sphere-shaped projectile. The attack animations for mage and ranged are as follows:

vasa_mage.png               Vasa_range.png

     Mage Attack                                                               Ranged Attack




Amount: 3

HP: 200 (600 total)

Points per Kill (Solo): 600 (1800 total)

Pray:  Reference Image

Attack it with:  Reference Image

Notes: This is one of the trickier rooms that gives new players trouble. Here you will both pray all three attack styles, and attack with all three attack styles. Start by attacking the Pray: Mage, then the Pray: Range, and finally the Pray: Melee. Try not to attract more than one at a time, hence the order I stated will help you to mitigate that. If you attack with the wrong attack style it heals the Vanguards. Use the attack style I referenced on the image and you will easily get through this encounter. Again these drop a pet, reference the drop viewer for your DR%.




Lizardman Shamans


Amount: 3

HP: 250 (750 total)

Points per Kill (Solo): 750 (2250 total)

Pray:  Ranged (and/or melee if using melee)

Attack it with:  Ranged or Melee

Notes: The Lizardman Shamans are bosses that you may recognize if you have ever fought them for slayer or for their DWH drop outside of Raids. Here in Raids though you will fight three, and you will want to pray ranged and attack using your best DPS setup (whether it be melee or range).

If attacking with a longer distance ranged weapon (e.g. crystal bow or tbow), you may pray ranged as they will primarily attack you with their ranged "poison splash." NOTE: only attack one at a time, start with one closest to you. If you see them wind up like so:


RUN! as they will do an unblock-able jump attack that can hit very, very hard. It is dodge-able though hence the running away. 

Side note: They do not have a chance to drop the Dragon Warhammer when being killed inside the Chambers of Xeric.



Deathly Rangers


Amount: 4

HP: 200 (800 total)

Points per Kill (Solo): 600 (2400 total)

Pray:  Range

Attack it with:  magic (barrage)

Notes: The easiest of all the rooms. Here you pray range, and attack the group of 4 archers with a barrage spell to quickly end them. 0 effort, easy progress. You can also kill these one by one with a Trident, a bow, or anything that can be used from a distance. Using a Twisted Bow is arguably as fast as killing them at the same time with barrage spells.


Ice Demon


Amount: 1

HP: 350

Points per Kill (Solo): 1050

Pray:  Range (and mage if prayer switch)

Attack it with:  Melee, Range or Magic


Notes: The Ice Demon is one of the easier npcs. You can pray switch its attacks, but with less experience it's easier to keep protect from ranged on all the time while killing him with ranged, as he does more damage with his ranged attacks than magic attacks.

During the fight, you may also prayer switch to protect between mage and ranged. In the ranged attack animation, the ice demon will pivot backwards and throw a large snowball. For the mage attack animation, the ice demon will put both hands in the air and attack you with an ice burst animation. The attack animations for mage and ranged are as follows:

ice_demon_range.png      ice_demon_mage.png

                                                        Ranged Attack                                              Mage Attack

Skeletal Mystics


Amount: 3

HP: 200 (600 total)

Points per Kill (Solo): 600 (1800 total)

Pray:  Melee if fighting close distance, magic if attacking from a distance

Attack it with:  Range or Melee

Notes: The Skeletal Mystics are a set of 3 magic and melee using foes that can attack from a distance as well as with melee. You fight one at a time as you run through a maze of purple crypts. They are quite easy to dispatch though you will want to make sure you are within melee range at all times as they hit hard with magic, though a lot harder with melee (hence praying melee). IF you stay within melee range they will attack you with melee.



Amount: 2

200 (400 total)

Points per Kill (Solo): 600 (1200 total)

Pray:  Melee

Attack it with:  Melee (or mage)

Notes:  You can find the guardians at the end of the room at the door to the next room. They look like statues and will only attack you with melee if you initiate the fight. They don't hit very hard, and zero if you keep protect from melee on. Despite having fairly high defence, they are easy to kill.

Olm Fight

After beating the previous 5 encounters, you will find yourself in a small room with a large green portal ahead. As soon as you click the portal and go through the fight starts, so be prepared.


Amount: 3 (Two hands and Head)

HP: 250 for each hand, 500 for head (1000 total)

Points per Kill (Solo): 1000 (3000 total)

Pray:  Range and Mage

Attack it with:  Reference Image below:


Notes: Before you enter the room, PRAY RANGE, as it will always attack with ranged first. Step through the green portal and begin your fight with Olm. 

During the fight, you must TAKE OUT HIS HANDS BEFORE YOU CAN ATTACK HIS HEAD. The HEAD MAY ONLY BE ATTACKED WITH RANGE OR MAGIC. It is recommended to use melee / blowpipe for the hands (whichever one has higher dps), and a dhcb or tbow for the head.

Every few hits Olm will attack you with magic instead of ranged. If you're fast enough you can pray switch this magic attack. Both attacks are green, the ranged attack is a small green ball, the magic attack is a larger round projectile. Olm has a few special attacks which can do a lot of damage to you, when he starts doing one you need to act as soon as possible, failing to do so would likely result in a swift death. Unlike on OSRS, Olm only has one phase instead of three.

Olm will use the following special attack sequence, in sequential order:

1)  Crystal Burst
Olm throws a green crystal projectile under your character, growing fast and bursting under you within a matter of seconds, dealing a lot damage. Stacking with a regular attack has a high chance to kill you. Avoid this by running at least 1 square away as soon as the crystal spawns under you. 


2)  Acid
Olm spawns puddles of acid across the room, standing on these will do small, but very quick poison damage to you. At the same time, a poison puddle will spawn under you and keep spawning under you for  5 to 10 seconds, you can avoid damage by running around until it stopped.


3)  Lightning walls
From the east and west side of the room, 2 walls of lightning spawn, slowly going to the other side of the room. If you are hit by these lightning walls you will be stunned, receive damage and your protection prayer will be disabled. These walls have one, or more holes which you can stand in. You can avoid collision by standing in the right tile so you stand in the place where you go through the hole of the lightning wall. Don't forget the wall coming from the other side though!


4)  Spheres
Olm spawns a sphere in a certain color which will float to your character, you can not avoid this. If this sphere hits you, you will receive a lot of damage. You can neglect the damage by praying right, accordingly to the color of the sphere:
Red sphere = protect from melee
Green sphere = protect from range
Purple sphere = protect from magic

5)  Swap
Olm spawns a portal under you and under another player in the raid (or at a random tile within the room, if doing a solo run). You have to run to the other portal as fast as possible and stand in it until it disappears. Failing to do so will damage you (and the other player)

That being said reference the image below to see your priority for attacking, and what style of combat to use:





Drop Viewer




Referencing the 2 images above you can get an idea as to what unique items you can get from the Chambers of Xeric.

If you don't hit the rare drop table you can get various supplies as a reward, such as runes and skilling supplies.



Points Explained (Solo)

The amount of points you earn in a Raid are very determining on your chances of receiving a unique drop. There is a soft cap and a hard cap for a chance at a unique drop. The soft cap is a minimum amount of points you need to have the slightest chance at a unique drop. The hard cap is the highest amount of points you can reach before hitting the max chance of having a unique drop. Having more points than this hard cap will not further increase your chances. Also, the more points you have, the higher your supply drop will be if you don't get a unique item. 

Here are the general rules for getting rares and how points work in Raids: 

You need 2500 points to be eligible for the rare drop table

2500 points is a 1 in 43 chance for a unique drop (having less than 2500 points after Olm has been killed will leave you hopeless at a drop).

Roughly every 355 points after 2500 increases your chance by 1 (2855 is 1 in 42 , 3210 is 1 in 41, etc)

12500 is the hard cap for points with a 1 in 15 chance for a unique drop. Any amount of points higher than 12500 after Olm has been killed will not further increase your chance at a rare drop.


Side note: the hard cap does not count for a supply drop, the higher points you finish with, the more supplies you will get

Drop rate reduction

The drop rate reduction also applies in the Chambers of Xeric, but it does not just increase your chance at a drop. The percentage your DR is reduced is added up by your total points, this means that your DR reduction percentage lets you reach the hard cap earlier, maximising your chance for a drop at an earlier stage. Some examples:

The hard cap for a rare drop is 12500 points, which translates to a 1 in 15 chance at a rare drop.

If you have a 30% drop reduction, it will add up 30% of your total points to your total points. 

Example: After you've killed olm you have 7000 points. If you have a 30% DR reduction the game calculates your drop by the following points: 7000 + 30% (7000 X 1.3) = 9100 points. So while you've gained 7k points, the game acts as if you had 9100 points, thus giving you a 1 in 25 chance at a drop instead of 1 in 30.

12500 is the hard cap for points with a 1 in 15 chance for a unique drop. Any amount of points higher than 12500 after Olm has been killed will not further increase your chance at a rare drop.

Side note: There is little difference between running a solo or group run regarding points, except the hard cap is set at 12000 in a group run instead of 12500, leaving you a slightly smaller chance to receive a unique drop.  This is of course highly compensated with the speed you finish a run, and the fun you have when doing things together.


Unique drop tables

The 1 in X rates mentioned above are about the chance of receiving ANY unqiue item drop. The chance of receiving an item from the uncommon table is logically a lot higher than from the very rare drop table. Each table has their own unique number of which you have a chance at roll, uncommon being the highest chance, and very rare being the lowest chance.