Runerealm game rules

1. Racial remarks (even in jest) will not be tolerated, political and religious discussions are allowed but are to remain strictly friendly.
2. No staff impersonation.
3. Multi-logging is allowed however your accounts cannot be in the same location at any time irrespective of the reason.
4. No R.W.T (real world trading) in any way shape or form.
5. No advertising other servers.
6. Do no advertise our server on any other rsps.
7. Do not spam the developer(s), Owners or staff members, they will address your concerns in due course.
8. No safe spotting.
9. Donations are non refundable unless otherwise discussed with the Owner
10. No evading staff/rules and/or punishments
11. No harassment of any kind, be it religion, sexual orientation, or any other forms of harassment.
12. Rule bending is illegal if there is scope for a "gray area" of a rule then assume that it is punishable.
13. Account Sharing is not allowed, in the event of account sharing we will punish you heavily.
14. No third party software/hardware that would strictly give you an advantage over others is allowed. While we used to condone auto clickers while not afking, we've decided to shut this off completely. Otherwise it will only open up avenues for people to justify doing it in the future, and while it has always been forbidden in the rules, it will now also be actively enforced (regardless of afking or not)
15. If a member of staff gives you an instruction you must follow this without question (providing it is within reason), not doing so can and will result in punishment.
16. Item duplication is strictly forbidden, if you find a "dupe" then you must notify a member of staff immediately, failure to do so will result in severe consequence.