Easy Achievements

Abyssal Magic: Teleport to the Abyss using the Mage of Zamorak (Runecrafting casket)
Apothecary I: Mix a ranarr potion (unf) (Herblore casket)
Archery I: Achieve a ranged level of 60 (500x Ruby bolts (e))
Blackjack'd: Win a game of Runedraw (Mystery box)
Block This I: Achieve a defence level of 60 (Dragon boots)
Chef's Special: Cook 250 foods (100x Shark)
Cluehunter I: Complete an easy clue (3x Casket (easy))
Cluehunter II: Complete a medium clue (3x Casket (medium))
Cow31337Killer: Kill 100 cows (100x Leather)
Democracy: Claim a reward from voting (5x Vote ticket)
Discord Verified: Connect your Discord to your account (::link) (1M Coins)
Divine Intervention: Use the Protect from Melee prayer (Prayer casket)
Do You Lift Bro? I: Achieve a strength level of 60 (Fighter torso)
Enhanced RNG: Imbue your Ring of Wealth (3x Superior Event key)
Event(ually): Open the Event chest once (Superior Event key)
Farmers I: Harvest a ranarr herb you planted (Farming casket)
First We Eat: Eat 100 of any food (100x Shark)
Gin N Juice: Drink 100 of any potion (100x Prayer potion(4))
Gnome'saying?: Complete 25 gnome course laps (Agility tome)
Green Fingers I: Water your plant using an infinite watering can (Farming casket)
I'm A Bad Man: Steal from 300 stalls (1K 'perfect' gold bar)
Ironman I: Craft a ring of recoil from scratch (1K Cosmic rune)
It All Ties Together: String 100 amulets (25x Uncut dragonstone)
Knowledgeable I: Answer 10 Trivia bot questions correctly (5x Mystery box)
Look At Me Now: Do a skillcape emote (XP Lamp)
Magician I: Achieve a magic level of 60 (Saradomin cape, Guthix cape, Zamorak cape)
Master of Arms I: Achieve an attack level of 60 (Dragon scimitar)
Mysterious junk: Open a Mystery box (5x Mystery box)
Outfit Of The Day: Equip any rank (besides player) from the rank selector (10x Crystal key)
Pack Yak: Add an item to your looting bag (50 Boss points)
Pker I: Kill 1 player (Mysterious emblem (tier 5))
Shooting Stars: Mine 50 pieces from a crashed star (Mining casket)
Shopping Spree: Spend 5M coins on shops (1M Coins)
Show Me The Money I: View a monsters drop table by examining them (Mystery box)
Show Me The Money II: View a chest/caskets drop table by examining the item (Mystery box)
Skilled I: Achieve a total level of 1000 or higher (XP Lamp)
Slayer Apprentice I: Complete an easy slayer task (50 Slayer points)
Slayer Apprentice II: Complete a medium slayer task (100 Slayer points)
Super Crispy!: Use the super heating spell 25 times (Smithing casket)
Supplied Skilling: Open any skilling casket (100K Skilling points)
Team Trees: Chop down 150 trees (Woodcutting casket)
Tidying Up: Change your appearance once (Crystal key)
Til Death Do Us Part: Die 1 time (10x Saradomin brew(4))
Too Bad To Fail: Fail 50 times thieving stalls or pickpocketing (Thieving casket)
Unfinished Business: Extend a hard slayer task (100K Blood money)