Medium Achievements

Alchemist: High alch 250 items (1K Nature rune)
Apothecary II: Clean a grimy torstol (3x Herblore casket)
Archery II: Achieve a ranged level of 99 (Double Damage pot(2))
Auctioneer: Sell an item on the Auction house (XP Lamp)
Barbaric Drill: Complete 50 barbarian course laps (Agility tome)
Beaver: Chop down 750 trees (3x Woodcutting casket)
Block This II: Achieve a defence level of 99 (PVP Mystery crate)
Cluehunter III: Complete a hard clue (3x Casket (hard))
Crush The Fayrg: Use your Bonecrusher to automatically crush a Fayrg bone (Prayer casket)
Do As I Say: Complete 10 slayer tasks (100K Blood money)
Do You Lift Bro? II: Achieve a strength level of 99 (Double Damage pot(2))
En Garde: Win 10 duels (Double Damage pot(2))
Exterminator: Win 30 Pest Control games (100 Void knight points)
Fiery Fun: Obtain 10 fire capes (5x Insta kill dart)
One For The Team I: Sacrifice over 100M in items to the Well of Goodwill (Donator chest)
Got The Crabs: Kill 100 Rock crabs (30x Crystal key)
Grand Exchange: Exchange 1,000 items to Piles (1K Platinum token)
Green Fingers II: Supply your bottomless bucket with infinite ultracompost (3x Farming casket)
I Get Around: Teleport to your task using the Slayer ring (100 Slayer points)
Incendiary: Burn 500 logs (Firemaking casket)
Ironman II: Fletch some ruby bolts (e) from scratch (1K Dragon bolts)
Knowledgeable II: Answer 25 Trivia bot questions correctly (5x Event key)
Level Up: Upgrade a piece of PVP gear to the next tier (3x Boss Supply crate)
Living on a Prayer: Bury or use 150 bones on an altar (Prayer casket)
Lucky Strike: Catch a lucky impling barehanded (100x Dragon impling jar)
Magician II: Achieve a magic level of 99 (Double Damage pot(2))
Master of Arms II: Achieve an attack level of 99 (Double Damage pot(2))
Mysterious Stranger: Sell your Mysterious Emblem(s) to the Emblem trader (Mysterious emblem (tier 5))
Off To The Races: Win a bet on any Terrorbird race (5M Coins)
On Another Level: Enchant 1.000 sets of bolts (1K Ruby dragon bolts (e))
On Your Way Out: Die 10 times (3x Boss Supply crate)
Pker II: Kill 10 players (Mysterious emblem (tier 7))
Prestiger: Prestige 5 times (Large XP lamp)
Questing: Earn your first quest point (10x Clue box)
Quick Getaway: Teleport from 20+ Wild using a Royal seed pod (1K Pvm points)
Shine Bright: Cut 250 gems (Bag full of gems)
Shoot Your Shot: Perform a hit using the Crystal bow (1K Pvm points)
Skilled II: Achieve a total level of 1500 or higher (3x XP Lamp)
Strength In Numbers: Activate any of your pet effects (Large XP lamp)
Rejuvenation: Cure your venom by drinking from the Rejuvenation pool (Boss Supply crate)
Skulled Revenge: Kill a Revenant in the wilderness while skulled (1K Revenant ether)
Slayer Apprentice III: Complete a hard slayer task (150 Slayer points)
Slayer Apprentice IV: Complete a wilderness slayer task (150 Slayer points)
Unboxer: Open 50 item sets (10x Clue box)
What's Krakin'?: Kill 25 Krakens (Slayer box)