Ancient Barbarians Guide



Ancient Barbarians are level 606, Hp 355. You will need to complete Ancient Barbarians quest to access boss teleport. There is a guide in Quest Guides

Boss is not hard to kill as long as you don’t draw all their aggro on you.

Mechanics are similar to Dagannoth kings.

Ancient Samurai – Attacks with Melee and is weak to Magic.

Ancient Warlock – Attacks with Magic and is weak to Ranged.

Ancient Archer – Attacks with Ranged and is weak to Melee.


If you are wondering how to fight these 1 by 1, all you need is a Visionary Orb. You can unlock it by spending 50 ability points on Patchy. (In order to unlock Visionary, you will have to unlock all 4 abilities in the column, which will cost you 73 ability points)


For gear, Ninja, Kyudo, Samurai set works for me. As they will not hit very hard if you pray accordingly and eat.


Strategy for Ancient Samurai

Teleport to Ancient Barbarians using Boss Lairs Teleport, remember to turn off Auto Retaliate when you memorize location with your orb.

Step 1- Run there and save the exact location shown in picture with visionary orb.


Step 2- Teleport using your orb, use Blood Blitz on samurai and pray melee. (Afk-able since blood blitz heals you) *Bring dragonbone necklace, and bonecrusher/ Sponsor Aura so you can afk longer.


Make sure don’t move around, just stand at the tile your orb brings you or else you will draw aggro from other boss.

Strategy for Ancient Warlock

Step 1- Run there and save the exact location with visionary orb.


Step 2-Teleport using your orb, use best range gear on Warlock and pray mage. Remember to use Long range attack so you don’t have to move and hit it(Not afk-able in my opinion, Warlock hits hard sometimes)


Strategy for Ancient Archer

Step 1- Run there and save the exact location with visionary orb.


Step 2-Teleport using your orb.

Step 3- Now you have to draw archer’s aggro by letting him attack you so you can drag him to the corner and melee him. Walk a few steps in front till you reach the skeleton bones. Once archer starts hitting you, immediately use your orb again, and the archer will follow you to the orb location. Repeat this step for every kill.


Make sure to turn off Auto Retaliate when you do that.

*Ancient Barbarians are not instance bosses, therefore if someone else is fighting other boss, it may interrupt the aggro. 



Once you collect all fatal shards, you can combine them to make Fatal Blade.


Have fun farming!

Credits: Supreme, Two