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Runerealm Pet Guide

Pet guide

Table of contents - Introduction- Skilling pets- Boss/PVM pets- Special pets- Activating pet e...

Blow a raspberry in the fishing guild

Clues Hard

Warning! Potential danger for Hardcore Ironman!1. Go to the ::shops at home and trade the clue it...

Ancient Barbarians Guide

Boss Guides

Introduction Ancient Barbarians are level 606, Hp 355. You will need to complete Ancient Barba...

1# The Mother of Supplies: Rogues' castle chest and Larran's big chest

Ironman Guide


Ironman basics

Ironman Guide


Map with a crate next to a building, close to a bridge

Clues Easy

Search the crate behind the clocktower, south of ardougne1. City teleports > Ardougne2. Walk we...

Headbang on the top floor of the slayer tower

Clues Elite

Warning! Potential danger for hardcore ironman!1. Collect a Seercull, combat bracelet and a helm ...

Headbang in the fight arena pub

Clues Elite

Warning! Potential danger for hardcore ironman!1. Go to the ::shops at home, trade the outfits st...

Search the crate in the Dark warrior fortress in the wilderness

Clues Hard

Warning! Potential danger of getting killed by other players!1. Wilderness teleports > Dark warri...

Headbang at the exam center

Clues Hard

Warning! Potential danger for Hardcore Ironman!1. Go to ::shops at home, trade the clue items sho...

99 Hunter Guide

Skill Guides

1-99 Hunter! Step 1: Trade "Skilling Shop" at ::Shops Step 2: Buy the Butterfly net and Impli...

Medium clue scroll steps

Clues Medium

Map with X mark behind a building Dig behind the blacksmith in Yanille1. Bring a spade!2. City...

99 Fishing Guide

Skill Guides


99 Woodcutting Guide

Skill Guides


Perks Table

Cape of Accomplishment Perks

Below are all the cape perks listed per tier, these also work backwards (for example, a Trimmed c...

Custom Items guide

Custom Items guide

Custom items guide                                                                             ...

Ancient Barbarians quest guide

Quest guides

  Quest overview   Name: Ancient BarbariansDifficulty: Very HardLevel requirements:- 70 defenc...

Death's Budget [BP&MSB] Inferno Guide (Text+Video)

Inferno Guide

Introduction Hello everyone, Death here. So you want to try your luck at the Inferno? This gui...

99 Farming Guide

Skill Guides


Theatre of Blood Guide

Raids Guides

    Introduction Welcome to RuneRealm’s Theatre of Blood raid guide! In this guide you will ...